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  1. marsman321@gmail.com Thanks a lot for this
  2. I'll judge as well. PARADIGMS: I'm pretty straightforward, I love both good K debates and good policy debates. However, I have some specifics about both AFF: Don't forget about your case-you have a 1AC for a reason. On this topic the majority of neg strats are "four off", but this doesn't mean you don't have a case to weigh against whatever the neg throws at you I usually err aff choice on framework if the debate becomes muddled, but I like the affirmative (if you go for framework) to explain why your framework is best. Obviously the same holds true for the neg. As a 2NR and 2AR, I don't like new arguments in the 2AR/2NR and will disregard them at my discretion if they come up. I like link debates better than impact debates on DA's...they are much more real world. NEG: I like K's, CP's and just about any neg advocacy you can think of, especially creative ones. The key thing about the neg is that you HAVE to prove why your philosophical objections to the plan/net benefits outweigh the plan. Do this through framework, impacts, however you want, but if you just say "plan is bad for X reason and should be rejected" it's not going to do much for me in a round. THEORY: I generally err condo good, PICs good, and generally have lots of leeway on theory, but I also believe that you have to prove and impact out theory standards or else it is nothing more than a throwaway shell. I also like T debates, and prefer reasonability over competing interps. GENERAL: Explain your arguments well, especially in the rebuttals. If you are running a K, tell me a story about how the K works within the debate world and the greater implications of it. Same goes for any DA/CP/T etc. Also don't expect me to extend anything for me, and don't shadow extend. Two personal pet peeves of mine. Feel free to ask any questions if you have them.
  3. Torgy

    Broadband help

    Thanks for all the help guys (especially AK-47)!
  4. Torgy

    Broadband help

    Hey all, My partner and I just cut a Broadband aff (advantages competitiveness with heg & econ, democracy and AI/singularity) and are working on the 2AC blocks. Nobody on our circuit runs broadband, so I'm curious what are some common arguments run against broadband that we should look out for.
  5. Torgy


    I'm currently watching the Rowland Hall debate, waiting for the third judge before they can start
  6. Torgy

    Virtual Box

    I use Virtual Box to run Linux distributions, and usually it comes with a decrease in performance and can get glitchy....I would recommend a program like Parallels or Boot Camp if you want to be able to boot with Windows and Mac/Linux, unless you have a really nice laptop it could get you shoddy performance which is the last thing you want in a debate round.
  7. Torgy

    Verification Aff

    Who's seen the Verification Aff on Planet Debate? Does anyone have any thoughts about it? Our team is thinking about running it.
  8. It would be tricky on T, but I agree that there is evidence out there. It seems like it would be difficult to write a case on it, but good luck if you plan to,
  9. "You won on Topicality, but I didn't think the K outweighed the plan so I voted aff" It's called a judge that did poetry in high school but had never judged a round of debate, much less policy.
  10. A team in our area runs this Flex-fuel critical aff with a terrible link story that we hit, but we lost because of lay judges. How do you beat a critical aff that "solves" for racism in the ghettoes and all? And yes we did run cap bad.
  11. Torgy


    Favorite win against hemp: Ran 4 T's, OSPEC, 2 throwaway DA's and a politics DA, the team dropped OSPEC and linked out of the politics DA because his was the courts plan text....that is called proving in-round abuse
  12. I'm applying to either the 2 Week Varsity or The Debate Track. Would one week be worth the extra $400 bucks? I've never been to GDI before but one of our teams did and I've heard nothing but positive compliments about the camp.
  13. Torgy


    highlandmike is right, DDI has some good files that have CP/politics links and some general case solvency arguments, it's pretty good stuff
  14. I've actually been pondering the exact same thing as you (switching from an IFR aff to a fusion/trippier type of nuclear power aff) and I have found that is not worth it. There is lots more evidence on IFRs out there, it actually has some timeframe, and the only answers against it are pretty weak and don't outweigh plan.
  15. Basic human rights. There is an outrageous belief for ya
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