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  1. I'm looking to judge policy at the NFL Tournament. I do not need transportation or lodging --- just compensation for judging. I am not available to coach. Name: Evan McCarty Experience: Debated for 4 years at Mountain Brook HS (AL). 3rd place at NFLs in policy. Quarterfinals of the TOC. Currently a debater at Northwestern. Doubles of the NDT. Email me at: emmccarty1014 [at] gmail [dot] com
  2. At the awards ceremony (starts at 5 but they probably won't announce the result well into it).
  3. To answer the Kinkaid/Beacon question: Kinkaid went for Buddhism. It was a 2-1. Not sure what the "Greenhill files" thing means.
  4. Nadeem won the JB!
  5. Cal v. NU FS NU BK v. Baylor UMich v. Oklahoma Harvard JP v. Emory IW
  6. Way to one up me ross...gosh
  7. Forgive spelling errors 20. Layne Kirshon 19. Drew McNeil 18. James Mollison 17. Latoya Williams 16. Sean Kennedy 15. Andrew Markoff 14. Ben Crossan 13. RJ Giglio 12. Ovais Inamullah 11. Jack Euing 10. Kathy Bowen 9. Andrew Baker 8. Edmund Zagorin 7. Jacob Polin 6. Nick Watts 5. Stephen Weil 4. Matt Fisher 3. Eli Jacobs 2. Alex Parkinson 1. Stephanie Spies
  8. 3-0 for St. Marks. finals is a showdown for the baker
  9. Carrollton is aff vs. Lex EV. They read Japan Nuclearization and a new Russia advantage.
  10. CRIMSON POD: Westminster AT, Gulliver AT, Lexington EV, Greenhill PP, Pembroke HV, Edina SS, Centennial LM IVY POD: Beacon DF, Carrollton DU, Mountain Brook MQ, Lexington CS, GDS HS, GBS HJ, Westminster DM
  11. Ross is wrong, we didn't hit MBA. We hit Johns Creek - Chetan Hebbale.
  12. emmccarty


    our round hasn't be decided yet.
  13. emmccarty


    I believe they're doing awards after finals.
  14. emmccarty


    Octos: Beacon v. Notre Dame GBN PP v. Jesuit Greenhill BS v. GBS VW Gulliver v. GDS KL MtnBrook v. Centennial OPRF v. Dunwoody St. Marks v. Lexington Westminster AT v. Greenhill PP
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