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  1. oh and a new rule next year is that a public school team may only compete in one out of state tournament which means we have no chance of a toc bid sad day... i think thats the policy and if its not its that we can only compete in one toc bid tournament
  2. damn sorry Chaz you guys are badass, especially for stealing the ballots. haha that was sooo cool! haha sorry though you didnt get extended the invitation you guys deserved to go
  3. Well really OTEC is seriously flawed, great idea but it fails to produce enough energy. Why not look at better forms of ocean energy there are plenty. Just no premade files on them.
  4. uh westright know is Tunison/Goldy from bk and it was Jake/Parker from Rocky? but they dropped and then it went to Charles/Wang but they Dropped then it went to Chaz/partner and they dropped so it went to the Boise team and i dont know if they are going....
  5. i had a judge who wrote down his ocupation as a Rattle Snaked Wrangler, and then on our ballets told us to make more your mom jokes... twas pretty awesome...
  6. if you have a cold fusion aff or a hamster aff... or a some fun cp's or k's i'll give our neg on cold fusion!
  7. oh thanks that helps alot... i just really want to see whats out there on it... and it can be strong if you run it well...
  8. Does anyone have one or start compiling files for one? i dont care if it fails so dont just sit around saying that... i just want to see what we can get!
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