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  1. it depends on what circuit you've been debating and what national tournament you're going to. but in general be prepared for fast, technical, evidence orientated debates. also, paperless.
  2. Please, do not feed the trolls.
  3. I think sea or india would be beastly, but india's wording is a little odd. sea is my first choice. cyber security seems too arcane for there to be broad literature with specific counterplan/da ground, not to mention the seeming lack of viable affirmatives. space would be fun and interesting... for about two months. remember that the last time there was a space topic was about 20 years ago, before the internet era. squirelly alien affs written by science fiction authors are a lot less funny when they're in every debate. china-not much to say. probably the most "current" issue, plenty of deep literature. i wish the categories were a little broader but that's not a huge impediment. the only real problem i have with the topic is china will be a big debate forever, it will be this year and it will be integral on any of the other four options. i'd like to see a resolution that's a little more innovative. foreign does not mean the same, or in this case even similar.
  4. Hatoyama did not back out, he said he was going to but then he decided to follow through. the flip flop was what forced his resignation. yes there are other reasons, namely outrage because of sexual abuse by the military. if they say disaster relief/japan needs to defend itself point out that there are a lot of other troops in japan other than on okinawa and there are even more in south korea who can probably deal with a crisis if it comes up.
  5. a magnum is a kind of handgun. it doesn't have a different meaning in debate that i've ever heard. oh, it's also the name of an 80s tv show.
  6. the space wording needs to be changed drastically, without the word 'outer' the functional meaning is the usfg exploring any 'space'. i assume this will be fixed in later stages. although i'm not really that enthused about the space resolution. i feel like the quality of these debates won't be particularly strong because there's a lot of potential for people to read ludicrous affirmatives based on aliens and whatnot. don't get me wrong, it would be fun for a little while. but by the time we got to the end of the year the community would be banging its' collective head against a wall. south east asia sounds interesting to me, but i wish it were a little bit broader than crime and human rights.
  7. ^joke? you should totes read those together.
  8. macros don't work for microsoft 2008 for mac. if you just got a new macbook it has bootcamp already installed on it. just go from macintosh hd-->applications-->utilities-->bootcamp assistant. you will have to buy a microsoft os to install though.
  9. i don't think the problem is so much that a white guy was probably responsible as much as the potential victims were muslim. say whatever you want about the scale of the attack, if a pakistani or iranian or what have you had planted a bomb near a church it would be huge news. and to the person talking about their church-graffiti=/=bombing.
  10. i just know it was discourse based, i know they had a new aff in store but i'm not sure if they broke it.
  11. carollton was neg, 2nr states politics.
  12. my instinctual answer to this question is no, simply because a gene for homosexuality would likely never be passed on considering homosexuals can't have biological children. of course there are all sorts of other possibilities, most obviously it could be recessive, but were orientation genetic it seems to me the population would be significantly smaller. just my two cents, i have no idea what the right answer to this question is.
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