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  1. Holy shit. That was my coach. He's an at policy.
  2. Now that most of Missouri has had a taste of the topic (SW - Kickapoo), what do you think of it? inb4 moved to bitch thread
  3. You sir, are an ass.

    That is all.

  4. A-Team 1. Elijah Kleinsmith 2. Grayson Cooper B-Team 1. Joshua Rose 2. Nick Erwin Please, please no pictures.
  5. http://obits.mlive.com/obituaries/grandrapids/obituary.aspx?n=matthew-david-briggs&pid=130193210
  6. Elijah4President


    Elijah Kleinsmith/Josh Rose Grayson Cooper-Nick Erwin-¿Corey Cann? No one to worry about really.
  7. Well we are building some stuff up, but to the point. Now simply because I want to show my partner (first year CXer) what it will look like, but I want it real, not made up.
  8. It is useful to those who want to build successful neg blocks against top teams.
  9. Haha, we could make one of those?
  10. Top Two Teams: Can one representative from each school post their top two Policy spots for Debate Year 2009-2010. Nixa- A. Elijah Kleinsmith & Josh Rose B. Grayson Cooper & Corey Cann
  11. When is the best time to register? I just now registered.
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