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  1. The line starts back there

  2. i think its probably the best argument to answer the cap k that capitalism is the most fair system because everyone gets what they work for. i like to read a fairness impact to that usually the shively evidence. i usually go for that but i say capitalism is fair as an analystic. i haven't been winning on it but i think thats just cuz i don't have a card for the argument capitalism is fair. HELP CAN ANYONE HLP ME FIND THIS CARD!!!
  3. I want you to spank me.

  4. all the upperclassmen on my team say theyre master debaters, but they wont teach me to master debate. how do i learn?
  5. Fastest debater: REID WALDMAN when he walks into the room you know whats cuming... even when his pants are still on
  6. I'm a freshman and I wish to attend camp this summer. I debated this year and, despite a total lack of training due to coaching issues, I am actually really good (for my first year I mean, I still have a lot to learn). My partner is a senior and we've qualified for nationals, second in the state. So I want to go to a good camp that will teach me a lot about debating theory and strat so that I can take my debating to the next level; and I also need to learn how to cut/compile/write evidence but I would like the main focus on debate. Preferences are for a 3 week camp in a moderate price range. I wanted to attend MNDI but I've heard that I was too advanced for it and it wouldn't really be worth it/MNDI is the worst program at Mich., the Classic is 4 week and I will attend that only if I can find nothing else -- due to situations at home, attending a 4-wk camp is difficult financially and otherwise. Any suggestions? One person had recommended Lexington? I just don't know...
  7. There has got to be a card SOMEWHERE out there that says that economic decline dampens the desire for war. I need it for impact turns on DA's so if you have it, please tell us about it here!
  8. i'm a total novice and i was wondering where I could some cards that set germany was crucial to the world economy and that science is crucial to the german econ...mine are too old.
  9. do you have a qspec shell i can look at by any chance?
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