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  1. Anyone know what the Norman schools have ran? They're the only ones not on the wiki.
  2. Who is competing at West OK Districts this week? Kingfisher's bringing one team(the one on the wiki).
  3. Judge paradigm i heard at state: "NO SPREADING", "I don't listen to or flow Kritiks or counterplans", "I judge on interpretation". I hate 4A debate.
  4. What were the final results?
  5. after 1ac neg:what are your harms? aff: what do you think are harms are?
  6. We were aff running native wind. neg ran a birds da after 1nc aff: so what are the impacts to the birds argument? neg: by impacts do you mean the bad stuff that happens when the birds die? after 2ac neg: do you think it's more important to save 50,000 people than 500 birds? aff:yes! neg: oh ya i guess that's true
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