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  1. Ok just throwing it out there but many tournaments don't use break rounds (Not that is a good thing, but its true) for example I didn't go to a tournament with break rounds until state. I know there are at least some other area's beside my own that face this problem in Kansas. So with our 82% win record on the season and a win at state were only looking at 4.1 points.I mean maybe there is no way around it.
  2. South Kansas Qualifiers IX Jordan Mecom - Field Kindley HS Dalton Mott - Independence HS USX Alex McNay - Pittsburg HS Kurt Lockwood - Caney Valley HS DI Jeff Durbin - Fort Scott HS Addi Brown - Fort Scott HS HI Baker Weilert - Fort Scott HS Morgan Windsor - Southeast HS OO Gabrielle Murnan - Pittsburg HS ???? And our Congress Qualifiers changed some Senate Daniel Lyon - Fort Scott HS Jessica Wells - Caney Valley HS House Leah Casselman - Fort Scott Matt Carrillo - Fort Scott
  3. The idea of the DCI seems like a really cool thing to me. I have never been to a DCI level tournament through. I wish there was a way to expand it so smaller schools and schools from smaller regions got to participate more. Right now with almost all the tournaments taking place in the major cities it simply isn't possible for my area (south kansas) to get up there. Some teams do, but as a whole its very few. It simply hard to justify paying to go so far away when there is always a tournament close by each weekk. I am not sure there would be a way to change the system to make it possible for this change. I mean maybe give bids in much smaller amounts than the normal DCI tournaments to smaller regional tournaments, just an idea. I am also not sure we would be able to compete due to the difference in DCI competition from our area, but it be cool to get the chance. South Kansas had three state champion teams this year and I just wish we got to compete more against the big boys. Just my thoughts on the matter.
  4. Dalton70

    State Results?

    Octafinals (16) Colby ?? d (1) Tonganoxie ?? ?-? (15) ?? d (2) ?? 3-0 (3) Rose Hill JM d (14) Haven ?? 2-1 (?) St. James Academy ?? d (?) ?? ?-? (?) St. James Academy ?? d (?) ?? ?-? (11) Fort Scott ?? d (6) Rose Hill HK 3-0 (?) ?? d (?) ?? ?-? (8) Independence MS d (9) Tonganoxie 3-0 Quarterfinals (3) Rose Hill JM d (11) Fort Scott ?? 3-0 (8) Independence MS d (16) Colby ?-? 2-1 (?) St. James Academy ?? d (?) ?? ?-? (?) St. James Academy ?? d (?) ?? ?-? Semifinals (3) Rose Hill JM d (?) St. James Academy ?? 3-0 (8) Independence MS d (?) St. James Academy ?? 3-0 Finals (8) Independence MS d (3) Rose Hill JM 2-1 I updated it with what I know
  5. Personally my favorite part of the split season is the fact i am able to try out so many different things. If we didn't split i probably would just do policy but because we do i am to compete in policy, pfd, congress, OO, extemp, and occasionally when i am bored IDA. I guess it just feels like a more rounded way to learn. Also I have no real opinion about the travel restriction. In my three years I only have competed outside my district maybe twice not including state. In fact five out of eight tournaments i attend a year are within 45 mins of my home. I personal like my local circuit. I mean i probably be fine if they changed restrictions but ultimately I probably would still debate at home.
  6. Yep i meant to put DI instead of DX
  7. South Kansas IX - Mott, Independence and Mecom, Field Kindley USX- ????, Fort Scott and Mueller, Field Kindley DX- ???, Fort Scott and Shoemaker, Southeast HI - I don't know either OO- I don't know either House - Linn, Field Kindley and ???, Field Kindley Senate - Mikolajcik, Derby and Childress, Field Kindley Duo - Kendrick and Johnson, Parsons, and Crane, and Wright, Field Kindley PFD - Cowen and West, Ft. Scott and Kellenbarger and Yager, Derby LD - Durbin, Ft. Scott and Mascharka, Derby I put the people who actual qualified due to the fact some did double qualify.
  8. This sucks . Guess i will have to find another camp. Thanks for the last two years of camp through, they were fun and really helpful.
  9. Wildcat Debate Workshop offers 2 and 3 week camps and is good for advanced debaters.
  10. SKNFL Caney Valley - McIntosh/Williams Caney Valley- Lockwood/Wells Fort Scott- Weilert/Lyon
  11. Dalton70

    NFL Nats updates

    Doherty/Stone from Fort Scott are still in. They one there first and i haven't heard about the second.
  12. FX Dalton Mott- Independence I can't spell any of the others qualifies names for South-East Kansas Districts.
  13. Hey, I went to the first week of camp . I got 1st at Anderson and actual qualified for state which i consider decent for my 2nd year of debate.
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