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  1. freshnclean, take a look at the lectures and files and decide for yourself.
  2. Like ninja said, your work is much appreciated. I haven't gone to camp yet, but the lectures have given me idea of what to expect. Judging by the lectures, it looks as though Georgetown is a fun place to be. Keep up the good work!
  3. I am going to camp lol. and tomorrow is a holiday so i dont need to sleep. plus im editing my research paper
  4. thanks scrooge, saw that post. and thanks teddy, that sounds like a really good idea. we never ran a kritik last year and only successfully argued against one...haha...so I guess I'll do that. currently my partner and i are the only policy squad at our school, but we might be getting more ;-)
  5. thanks guys. any suggestions on the lit?
  6. So I just came out of my first year of debate which was...a learning experience. What can i do to prepare for the upcoming season before I go to camp besides speaking drills? thanks guys ;-)
  7. Hi everyone. So does anyone know how to answer the racism advantage common to many (if not all) Windians cases without being....racist? lol Thanks!
  8. On the other end of this question, is there any way to argue that racism is subjective? I guess I'm thinking about many Windians case advantages.
  9. briguy

    How to answer Ks

    Ah okay thanks. And I'm guessing I would then proceed to ask what the the alternative is. My aff is nuclear power with a prolif advantage, so if their alternative involves rejecting the aff and doing nothing, I would permute the kritik and do all the noncompetitive parts? So then could I pull out some cards that says that proliferation is on the brink and say that waiting for too long would cause our impacts to occur, showing that the alternative is worse and doesn't solve for my case's harms? yeah sorry im a n00b and i haven't really debated successfully against a K except against another n00b team lol.
  10. briguy

    How to answer Ks

    So what are some strategic questions to ask in cross ex about the K?
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