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  1. A lot of colleges that have debate also have debate related activities you could probably do without debating in college. for instance the University of Michigan has an urban debate program where you can go coach kids in Detroit.
  2. In addition to the previous poster, it's important to make an alternative to prevent affirmative abuse claims on the kritik. If you use kritik cards as linear disads on case you obviously dont need an alt. But, if you read it as it's own advocacy you need to specify the alternative. If you don't it's pretty easy for the aff to highlight abuse. no alt means no perm which is often times the strongest aff answer to kritiks. I agree with you to an extent, showing their mindset is bad should be enough. This is framework. The problem is framework generally gets mitigated and you end up having to do impact calculus. If your impacts are inevitable absent an alternative, you have very little leverage. The above explanations should help you to answer kritiks with no alts. Two kritiks that you might encounter with no alt are any nihilism kritiks and normativity.
  3. Soap

    Heg DA

    Thayer is a complete hack
  4. This was a great tournament. I'm really glad to have taken part in such a great event. I have a lot of respect for everyone I've met in this event. This'll be my last tournament result entry. The tournament broke to partial octofinals, I'll just list results from quarters on. Quarters Wooster A defeats Northview A Centerville A defeats Hawken A Perry A defeats Iggnatius B Iggnatius A defeats Stow A Semis Perry A defeats Iggnatius A Centerville A defeats Wooster B Finals Centerville A defeats Perry A (I believe on a 3-2 decision) Top speaker was awarded to Zac Karabatak (spelled it right this time!)
  5. LOST will never ever ever ever ever pass. If you can find good uniqueness I will give you a dollar
  6. hey im bumpin this because wndi makes you download the entirety of the camp files to get any of them. If anyone just has the microfinance neg i could really use it. thanks!
  7. With the healthcare scene looking dismal, what'll the next big politics scenario be?
  8. Thanks =) who knows maybe when we're old and gray we can look back on these and chuckle. I dont know if it's of much consequence now, but I think Tommy from cville was the person I was forgetting in the speaker awards.
  9. Here are the results from the wooster tournament over the weekend. Once again I don't know everyone's last name so I'll just use a, b, c, etc. Quarters: Wooster A defeats Oakwood B CCC A defeats Centerville C Centervile A defeats Centerville B Northview A defeats Wooster B Semis: Wooster A defeats CCC A Centerville A defeats Northview A Finals: Centerville A defeats Wooster A Speaker Awards I'm hazy on, Mara won, Zac 2nd, then I'm not sure. Sam from Centerville and Maggie from Wooster also were top five. I'm sorry, I know I'm forgetting one person. If anyone knows post it.
  10. They didn't announce speakers when I was around so I don't know any of that but if memory serves me correctly break rounds were Quarters Northview A defeats Hawken B Hawken A defeats Oakwood A Perry A defeats Wooster B Wooster A defeats Oakwood B Semis Northview A defeats Hawken A Perry A defeats Wooster A Finals Perry A defeats Northview A Sorry I didn't use initials...I don't know everyones so I figured I wouldn't put them at all.
  11. youd have to run that by Tyler Durden
  12. first rule of fight club k is you dont talk about fight club k second rule of fight club k is you dont talk about fight club k
  13. Don't forget "horse porn enthusiast"
  14. normativity roleplaying version and any K with individual rejection alternative
  15. at the very least take a viewing computer and jump drive for the courtesy of your opponents, otherwise you look like a dick
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