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  1. i have two christmases tommorow. so I wont be able to finish up the 1nc till after that. i have no problem with using prep time.
  2. Just realized the time...requesting a christmas recess. if not...just prep time me. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!
  3. naw, your 1ac did that for me. just giving you a chance to clarify 1nc will be up in a bit.
  4. no, do YOU believe it? is it your poisition that an ADVANTAGE to your plan is the aversion of human extinction CAUSED by Global Warming?
  5. one last question, explain 'Global warming means extinction.' under the Henderson card. What are you trying to say? your previous answer confused me...does GW lead to extinction/a horrible planet scenerio or not?
  6. It substantially decreases it. Notice, the daylighting tax break applies not only to new buildings, but buildings that retroactively incorporate daylighting. If they only change ONE room they get this massive tax break? what is the brightline for WHo does and does not get this break....how much do they have to change? My plan takes a stand against global warming, and that's what is truly important. Moreover, there's a chance these other countries would model us. On top of that, curbing just one aspect of global warming can keep us from reaching the brink. ---ok, so we need to make these policy changes because global warming is going to lead the end of our planet? is that right? is that what your 1ac was saying? It doesn't, that's just descriptive. I get my solvency from the part where it says "our relationship with light is evocatively crystallized through architecture." So, the construction company/nuclear reactor dump site company/logging company can re-establish this link to the very nature it is raping by having more windows?
  7. -How many new buildings are built in any given year? -->what effect will this plan have on our energy usage within the first 20 years? -how much will the tax break be? -does the plan work in states that are mostly overcast a huge portio of the year? -your plan doesn't take into account the C02 emission of china and india, right? how can you truly combat GLOBAL warming without effecting thee countries in some way or another? -slessor, 00 talks about being away of our place in the unverse PRIOR to the advent of electricity..how does your plan put us back in that state of mind? -who is opening themselves up to nature? how can you claim these great advantages of running in a field of daiseys if the ONLY reason people 'open up to the light' is to helpt heir own pocketbook?
  8. -Fair enough. But, you are still getting it twisted. I am not saying that dressing bad LEADS to a lack of respect....simply that it is an indicator that respect has been lost. -Well, having been in the majority of these activities. I would say that the most rude and disrespectful students (at least, the ones that say it out loud and challenge the authority) are those in debate and forensics. -I have seen no study that links the use of 'uniforms' to a decreased enjoyment and/or participation in organized sports or activities. (as a wholte). -Well, I was adding my specific experience into the context of the disccusion in this thread. I was adding my 'two cents' into the other negative things people have been saying about what debate is doing right now. So, when I said 'this community'..i was referring to my own experiences mixed in with the other people who feel maybe something constructive could be done to enhance the image of this activity. -Well, the 'garbage' I was referring to was a mix of all the things already said here. I have both done/said or seen many of the bads thing happen in my own experience as a competitor. It is hard to explain to somebody that doesn't take on the responsibility of coaching how different your perspective changes on a great many issues once you take on the responsibility. I even sent a letter to my old college coach apologizing for acting like such a 'rude little prick' (wording of my letter) during my years as a competitor. It is hard to see the negative aspects of the activity when you are actually competing. (of course, my experience comes from college parli...but debaters are still debaters) FOR THE MOST PART, I would say the garbage that really just gets under my skin is the disrespect. -I dont equate spending time preparing to win with respecting the activity. I think there is a fundamental difference from how we are viewing because of where we are at in regards to our participation. But, I, for one never competed NOT in a suit and tie.....and not because my coach told me what to wear...just because that is how I viewed the activity as something that deserved honor and respect. And, in my view..you treat things that you value a step above the rest. I thank you for your responses, I have enjoyed them.
  9. As for the above statement, I think you were so blinded with rage that someone might consider sloppy and inappropriate dress to be disrespectful that you didn't really READ what I had written down. Here it is again: "I would say that a great deal of the students I have either A.) debate with myself B.) Coached or assisted in coaching or C.) have judged have a very disrespectful attitude toward their own coach and really any adults in general." Did you see my condemnation within those three subpoints as an indictment of the 'entire debate spectrum'? NOPE. You see that I ,very carefully, listed the three areas of my personal life where I have observed this.
  10. I find it 'odd' that the only part of my little rant that you latch onto is when I was speaking about dress. "Breeding Resentment"? Please tell me that you are not serious? What about debate makes us so special that a 'uniform policy' would breed resentment so that the kids would not respect their coach? --Choir? They have to dress in 'uniform' for concerts. ---Band? they have to dress in 'uniform' while marching. ----Football? Softball? Baseball? Track and Field? Basketball? Wrestling? Hocky? soccer? etc? They all are required to wear uniforms. ------ROTC? They must wear uniforms. The list can go on and on. But for some special reason, debate is special? I don't think so. We are a unique activity but the ONLY thing that breeds resentment is a generation of kids that think they can tell the people in charge what to do. If the rest of kids can be in activities (and excel and love them) that require a uniform..I see no reason why debate would be any different. Then again, that isn't what my original post was talking about specifically. Just go back and read it. Once we get back to a respectful attitude, everything else will fall into place. And that wasn't only uniforms. It is a list of problems that have been discussed in this thread. (as for your rant against 'fear'..you said yourself that the 'fear' of a parent can be the same with a coach. That is the same fear that I was referring to. But ,in your own words, thanks for being so narrow minded to paint my ONE WORD into a call to action to make students cry in agony whenever their coach walks into the room)
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIYdjMfMQUY
  12. I will not take the bait..just defend myself and say good day. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- flamer jargon, person (Or "pain in the net") One who habitually flames. Said especially of obnoxious Usenet personalities. [The Jargon File] (1996-08-26) The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, © 1993-2007 Denis Howe Cite This Source --------------------------------------------------------------------- *edit, get a life. Believe it or not, but I don't care who you love or have sex with. Good day.
  13. I think this issue just boils down to the respect we as a community have for debate as an activity. It isn't a matter of censorship. It isn't a matter of strict draconian dress codes. It is a matter of restricting a person's personal choice to smoke or not. It is a matter of the lack of respect that the debate community has for itself. If there is an activity or occasion that you deem worthy of respect it usually is given your best; in both dress, attitude and speech. It is only in the places we see as less respectful that we 'let our hair down' and act normal. Whether you see debate as a sport or just an educational tool the fact remains that we need to get back into a respectful attitude. Coaches of sports teams do not put up with the same type of garbage this community allows to go on. And their kids listen to them, why? Because they are respected and feared. I would say that a great deal of the students I have either A.) debate with myself B.) Coached or assisted in coaching or C.) have judged have a very disrespectful attitude toward their own coach and really any adults in general. I am not pretending to know the answer for these problems. I am just saying that if any of this garbage is going to be 'fixed' we have to fix the underlying problem of disrespect first. The rest will fall into place on its own after that.
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