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  1. lovin the aim account

  2. Mr. T


    dont know if trollin
  3. If you you're a k debater, it will definitely help your debating
  4. it honestly comes dpown to what the rest of your squad is using
  5. Mr. T

    Best Ever...

    What do you think about states?
  6. I smoke weed everyday. Sometimes even 3 times a day. But i must be honest and say I have been addicted to cocaine and had to rehab. That being said weed is cool
  7. this thread is terrible. Be ashamed of yourselves.
  8. Ks are cheating. This thread is irrelevent
  9. AntiCapitalists killing Antcapitalists. what has this world come to?
  10. AT: You're racist overidentifica We are using overidentification doh
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