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  1. yeahh haha i know. I didn't go. Varsity baseball was more important i guess. I actually was quitting for sure but a spot opened up where someone needed a partner, so I agreed to come back.
  2. actually, centennial isn't going to be wasting their time on the joust this year. sorry fellas.
  3. happy talking with a side of brown nosing? i think so.
  4. Agreed. But not a separate place worth mentioning. I'm not going to that tournament next year.
  5. hmmm. As I predicted, camps are cutting this aff. Cal came out with the first. Any thoughts?
  6. That sucks? haha. Harry Potters cool and everything but lets not waste space on the server complaining about not being able to see it on the sunday after it comes out.
  7. Whitman, Gonzaga. That's two. Hillcrest is still in idaho.
  8. Jessica's claim is only for her school. We go to out of state tournaments every year. In fact we are going to 2 next year and we went to 2 this year. Idaho Debate Blows.
  9. Well since you asked for it Burtosky, WEST SIDE RULES. haha. Mod- Delete all previous Idaho forums and possibly this one considering it has already run its course....
  10. QFA, if anything your A. card would make your DA non-unique. No wonder you lost.
  11. none of these are that funny or odd...
  12. I don't think that the Non-Inherent card presented proves anything. It doesn't specify mental affairs nor PTSD. My question is, how do you access the military readiness advantage? The statement that more people will join the military because of this Mental Health Program isn't very well thought out, nor will you be able to find much readiness. Help?
  13. Yeah, this really isn't a great idea due to the reasons listed above and that you don't sound like a coach..
  14. From my understanding, there are more ways to perm politix da. For example, with a political cap da: Perm: pass plan have obama veto, and then override the veto. Then you just say, its normal means. This is sketchy ground but its worked for me in the past.
  15. Definitely personal preference. And you're right, it is a time suck on the 2AC, and in my opinion, the time trade off in some cases is worth it. For example, you go 4 off in the 1NC. Conditional CP, conditional K, two T flows. You split the block with the K and the two t in the 2nc, and then the CP in the 1nr. They have no idea what you are going for, and you have enough time to develop all of your arguments (or most of them). Then you kick and go for one or two arguments (probably one) in the 2nr and can use a little bit of time to concede some defense or address offense on the flows you are kicking. Sorry if that was poorly written, but you get the point.that seems strategically beneficial.
  16. Number 1, this is assuming you spread them out with 6 or 7 in the first place. And number 2, spending less time on it doesn't necessarily make it underdeveloped. I definitely understand where you are coming from, although I don't typically go with this strategy.
  17. This doesn't prove any strategic benefit to kicking an arg in the block. You have 13 minutes, read your pre-cut blocks, and keep them guessing through the 1AR. Their could be some benefit to kicking in the block but from the benefits you listed, it would be even MORE beneficial to wait till the 2nr to kick them.
  18. Ok. We're going to Berkeley, Alta,and Whitman.
  19. Wrong. T, if you argue it correctly, can be a bitch for the 1AR. Especially because if they spend too much time on it, it can be thrown out but if they don't spend enough on it, you can choose to go for it. It all depends on the time you spend on each argument. Most of the time, your opponent will base the time they spend on how much time you spent.
  20. Ours will be cheaper than alta and better than Eagle. Just saying.
  21. Haha this. If you can't argue a Generic DA then you should probably learn to instead of making a *generic* theory argument to block it.
  22. What other travel tournaments are you going to?
  23. Hah. I don't know if they are doing this movement in the valley though. I haven't heard anything about it. Talk to your coach about attending Centennial's tournament next year. Our coach is throwing out the IDC and ranking judges like they do on the circuit. He's inviting everyone and there will be Novice, Open, and Varsity. Each school can only send two teams in varsity. It'll be legit.
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