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  1. God what the hell are you doing on here Ivan

  2. ShreeBuck

    deer park 09

    Yup, but they like to refer to themselves as the "KS Debate team", so I decided to honor that.
  3. ShreeBuck

    deer park 09

    Quarters: Woodlands NW d. Clear Lake JC Clear Lake DL d. Hendrickson AD Clear Lake KS d. ??? Crosby DS d. Clear Lake KS Note: There are two Clear Lake KS teams. Semis: Woodlands NW d. Clear Lake DL Clear Lake KS d. Crosby DS Finals: Clear Lake KS d. Woodlands NW
  4. The only time I've hit a Delay CP was last year around when the Elections DA was popular. The counterplan text was to do the plan...on November the 5th. I personally think that they're illegit considering the fact that they sever out of the immediacy of the plan, and as the aff we have to defend the immediacy of the plan, it should be reciprocal imo, like I feel it's a question of whether the plan should pass or shouldn't pass. Not when it should pass. Secondly, the neg just takes on the aff advocacy and makes the aff defend against their own advocacy, which I find stupid and annoying. Next time though, ask Rahim or Wilbur these types of questions than asking random people on a debate forum.
  5. Actually Andrew, the judge referenced the questions the other team had asked during the post-1NC CX as examples as to why "revolutionary ethic" was better.
  6. I usually read the "do nothing" alternative for cap, but this past weekend at Grapevine, after reading cap, a judge recommended I read the "revolutionary ethic" alternative because it the alternative debate isn't as messy as it would be with "do nothing", like 'Isn't doing nothing really doing something?' or 'How does the alternative solve the case', and allows you to avoid the vague alternatives bad theory, etc. He also said that Zizek was the author of the card, though he couldn't remember the year, book/article, or anything. So I guess my questions are as follows: What is the "revolutionary ethic" alternative? How does it avoid messy alternative debates associated with "do nothing"? Finally, what's the card? Any and all help is appreciated.
  7. Thanks, whichever team ran CAFOs is what I was looking for.
  8. It would be nice if someone could post cites for their CAFOs aff from last year, or explain to me how to look at the college case list's archives.
  9. Breaks, courtesy of Bill Batterman of the 3NR. Double-Octafinals–3:00PM Bronx Science ME vs. College Prep CM — Petit, Sanchez, Carswell Carrollton DG vs. Dulles KC — Greenstein, Peretz, Koo Chattahoochee CR vs. Kinkaid KB — Marks, Rubaie, Sabino College Prep YP vs. St. Paul Central QJ — Crowe, Iola, Schultz Coppell KD vs. Law Magnet CS — Davis, Gaston, Gagnon Damien EG vs. Glenbrook South MZ — Kall, Duffy, Baker Glenbrook North PS vs. Westminster DM — Powell, Grusin, Quinn Glenbrook North SM (aff) vs. Westminster MC — Bricker, Levkovitz, Abelkop Glenbrook South TD vs. Bellaire LQ — Osborn, Mahoney, Carver Grapevine QS vs. Damien VF — Mulholland, Heidt, Manuel Highland Park PY vs. Georgetown Day RS — Martin, Sharp, Turoff New Trier SC vs. St. Mark’s MB — Eyzaguirre, Hines, Lingel Westlake MB vs. Dallas Jesuit DG — Jagneaux, Querido, Rowe Westminster TA vs. Bishop Guertin SD — Matheson, Tate, Peterson Whitney Young HG vs. Glenbrook South SV — Phillips, Batik, Batterman Woodward PP vs. Dallas Jesuit MY — Berthiaume, Smith, Tallungan
  10. Records thus far? Specifically, how USN BL, USN UR, and/or Calhoun BL are doing?
  11. Schopenhauer - assisted suicide/euthanasia
  12. Gonzaga's heg file from the AE topic was good, but not great. Some of the scenarios are iffy, but it's a good place to start.
  13. Thank you for the insight good sir.
  14. ShreeBuck

    Aliens K

    The one Kaavya Ramesh cut at GDS? An excellent file IMO.
  15. So Jiron, do you think "increase" would have a policy NB? Or K NB?
  16. What Word PICs do you guys think will be at the neg's disposal next year? Not just with K NBs but also Policy NBs. EDIT: I know about "the", "should", and "poverty"
  17. 1. That's already a given. I'm looking at the notes that I took on answering CPs and Theory, and my lab leaders said that's a given when it comes to ever argument - you have to make arguments that you can possibly go for and win on. 2. If you win that the neg's use of 50 state fiat justifying those perms, then I'm sure the judge will vote on those arguments. 3. I'm giving this advice based off a lecture I heard in lab, look at what Chris posted to begin with. Chris was in my lab, and therefore he heard the same stuff I heard. You don't seem to have a problem with his suggestion. 4. As for the contradiction, that's my bad, I wrote the post wrong. I meant to say: my post was intended for the creation of a 2AC F/L, and I didn't want to give advice for the 2AR because there are many ways the debate can morph from the 2AC all the way to the 2AR. It's up to the debater himself/herself to decide what to take, etc. in the 2AR. 5. That's cool if we have different 2AC strats, maybe you can explain me yours. I hope this clarifies, quit your bitching, move on.
  18. Yeah, it's just an extrapolation of "Perm: do both", yet it's more descriptive than "Perm: do both". And it's not intrinsic, because establishing the ceiling/floor is normal means.
  19. How does it contradict what I said earlier? Secondly, when I said you don't know how the debate's going to play out up to the 2AR, that basically means that in the 2AC F/L you make the three perms to spread them out. In the 2AR, you go for the perm that you feel you're winning on, whatever it may be.
  20. I guess it's a legit perm, but the text is literally "Perm: do both". A legit perm would be "Perm: let the USFG set the floor and then the states establish their own ceiling."
  21. You're right - but at the same time you don't know how the debate is going to play out up until the 2AR. Therefore, by posting ideas for a 2AC F/L, I indirectly posted stuff for the 2AR as well.
  22. Thank you for contributing, Andrew Casso.
  23. Yeah, I was posting in the context of SHS2011's 2AC F/L. My post was intended to help in the creation of a 2AC F/L, not 2AR.
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