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  1. 2ar started with someting similar to "Judging by the 2NR strategy, the negative could have benefitted from having a better childhood education". I don't think Head Start was explicitly mentioned IIRC (not that it matters much) It captured the attention of the audience, to say the least.
  2. anyone mind explaining what happened to st marks MB, bontha and baldwin from Kinkaid, law magnet CS, and highland park PY?
  3. conspyre

    Round Rock

    @neg rep - sorry, I left before semis happened. which westwood teams did you hit, by the way?
  4. conspyre

    Round Rock

    westwood closes out finals, i believe
  5. since it was near the summer, it most probably meant that they will be a sophomore the next year (now this year). not that they're hot shit or anything
  6. He didn't say it was unique to UH, simply describing the judging it provided, like the TC asked.
  7. Memorial usually doesn't put out results packets iirc. But if anyone could post speakers that would be great.
  8. Quarters Crosby DS d. Dulles KC Kinkaid KB d. Bellaire LQ Westwood MT d. Law Magnet CS Grapevine QS d. Clear Springs WC semis should be going on now
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