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  1. For what its worth, I highly recommend him.
  2. More evidence that it doesn't need to be popular, just a big fight. The alternative is to risk collapse Harrison ‘9 (Banking and finance specialist at the economic consultancy Global Macro Advisors. [Edward Harrison (Former diplomat in the foreign service.), "Obama: knowing when to be an asshole,†Credit Writedowns, on 18 August 2009 at 6:16 am, pg. http://www.creditwritedowns. com/2009/08/obama-knowing- when-to-be-an-asshole.html. So, from a purely Machiavellian perspective, Obama needs to jettison the professorial above-the-fray coolness and get down in the trenches and fight for what he believes in. And that means he is going to have [has] to run roughshod over his enemies. I don’t think FDR worried so much about the point of view of others–Doris Kearns Goodwin said he "gloried in his enemies." FDR also largely got what he wanted. What I think people were hoping for is that Obama would, somehow or another, be able to overcome the institutional barriers to change, probably through a hands-on approach involving a lot of public persuasion. Put bluntly, Obama needs to be an asshole. Right now it looks like he is willing to compromise on any and every issue. Yes, compromise is an integral part of leadership and governance. But, there is a time for compromise and a time to fight.
  3. But Mr Obama now needs to pick a fight in public – and win it with a clean knock-out. He also needs to show that, at least sometimes, he can inspire fear as well as affection. But – sad to say – he also needs to show that he can pack a punch. The rhetoric of this card is NOT that he needs to pass a policy that is popular. Its that he needs to engage in a fight, aka an unpopular bill. The thesis is OVERCOMING OBSTACLES. Its not an obstacle if its popular. Stimulus was not popular. Then healthcare, which was even more unpopular. Then financial reforms. These bills by no means were "popular", but still accelerated Obama's agenda, in that order. FIAT does not access it because the thesis of FIAT is that there is no debate. For you to access Winners Win you have to concede that there will be a debate on the bill, at least.
  4. Winners win has nothing to do with popularity of a bill, hence why it is a separate and isolated link turn from the plan popular/unpopular debate. Think logically, no affirmative would ever read winners win in a world where if the negative could just win the plan is unpopular it also answered winners win. Its a "win" if the bill is something Obama has pushed. It doesn't have to be popular, just something Obama aligned himself with, and passed it. Here are a few cards on why the bill being unpopular makes it EVEN MORE of a win. Their unpopular argument supercharge this Rachman 9 (Gideon Rachman, FT.com, “Obama must start punching harderâ€, http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/940c78c8-b763-11de-9812-00144feab49a.html, October 12, 2009) But now that Mr Obama is president, he seems to float like a butterfly – and sting like one as well. The notion that Mr Obama is a weak leader is now spreading in ways that are dangerous to his presidency. The fact that he won the Nobel Peace Prize last Friday will not change this impression. Peace is all very well. But Mr Obama now needs to pick a fight in public – and win it with a clean knock-out. In truth, the Norwegians did the US president no favours by giving him the peace prize after less than a year in office. The award will only embellish a portrait of the president that has been painted in ever more vivid colours by his political enemies. The right argues that Mr Obama is a man who has been wildly applauded and promoted for not doing terribly much. Now the Nobel committee seems to be making their point for them. The rightwing assault on the president is based around a number of slogans that are hammered home with damaging frequency: Obama the false Messiah; Obama, the president who apologises for America; Obama, the man who is more loved abroad than at home; Obama, the man who never gets anything done; Obama the hesitant; Obama the weak. Of course, this is the kind of stuff that was always going to be hurled at a liberal, Democratic president by the Republicans. The danger for Mr Obama is that you are beginning to hear echoes of these charges from people who should be the president’s natural supporters. How has this impression built up? The promise of bold changes of policy on the Middle East and Iran – without much to show for it – has not helped. The public agonising over policy towards Afghanistan has been damaging. The slow pace of progress on healthcare has hurt. But momentum matters. The president badly needs a quick victory or a lucky break. He also needs to show that, at least sometimes, he can inspire fear as well as affection. Mr Obama can charm the birds off the trees. He can inspire crowds in Berlin and committees in Oslo. But – sad to say – he also needs to show that he can pack a punch. *has been cut short for time reading
  5. MBK did vote for us not GW (for clarification purposes). I do think the split of national judges vs. others shows the inherent dichotomy of NFL Nationals. What I think is often left out is the credit given to national style teams for adapting (Greenhill/Damien/Pembroke etc) against teams who debate the more traditional Nationals style their entire career. I think the fact National style teams end up winning (or in this case are at least in finals) should prove the benefits of National circuit debate. I personally think Greenhill won. GW dropped an addon, that's kinda unrecoverable.
  6. Holistically almost every successful debater went through Repko's lab.
  7. Ellis Allen- University of Michigan
  8. Lee Quinn- Wake Forest Pablo Gannon- MSU
  9. Sometimes I recommend just doing what you enjoy more. I enjoyed being 2A more, and my partner Evan McCarty enjoyed being 2N. A lot of people questioned our decision to do it because I was thought to be more experienced but enjoying the speeches you give goes a long way into how much you like giving them/ the work that goes into them.
  10. Kiersten I still haz your flashdrive
  11. I told ya'll the finals yesterday... Could posted the winner too, but that's just a tad presumptuous
  12. Finals is St. Marks BM vs _______________________
  13. PMC's. Doesn't link to major disads but still accesses heart of the topic Afghanistan advantages. And the literature is sided very positively in the affirmatives.
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