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  1. I agree that its a really terrible case. the DMZ isnt part of SK anyway, so the withdraw wouldnt even be from a topic country
  2. So Starcraft 2 has kinda proliferated throughout our squad, so we had the idea of challenging other teams in a starcraft match for fun. 3v3's and 2v2s and stuff of that nature. If your interested PM me.
  3. Can someone please hook me up with some nuke war good. Thanks.
  4. Not to read only 1 DA shell and a bunch of random link cards to that DA in the 1NC. Whats funny is that it was the first round I won.
  5. Hey could I trouble anyone for answers to Kato, Kappler, and Nietchz (spelling?). Thanks.
  6. I'm won't waste my breath. So to speak. (also get neg repped)
  7. Yeah that was a total joke post, but seriously man your most likely the best debaters in the state. I was there at the seminole tourney waiting for the finals round to be posted when I heard you left.I just busted out laughing.
  8. I was Aff in a round the other day, so I'm told by my coach that they are going to run a kritik. When the 1NC comes around I find that I'm facing a K I've never heard of (much less having answers to it).Lucky for me they were complete novices and dropped it after I used condi bad (they didn't know the status of the K) and a perm. The K said something along the lines of Incentives are bad and cause genocide. So how do I answer something like that? (or is there nothing I can do about it?)
  9. Weston and Sierra are NOT serious badasses. I just saw them at the Seminole tourney. So here I am waiting for the finals round to be posted, when I hear that they left! They are so garbage that the only reason they came was just to qualify, and they just let the other team win! This is when I realized that they are my enemies in life, and if I live just to destory them I can die happy. P.S. The Moore debate team is about 10 to the 57th power better than any other team. (that equation is equal to the energy given off when anti-matter comes in contact with normal matter)
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