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  1. i need a non kritical aff for next year that i can beef up. sooo lots of room to expand on just help me out im clueless... and if possible give me websites to get cards from any help needed :Bowpuke:
  2. amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have blocks out the wazoo for windians or natives for those of you who try to run it:BB:Rocket:
  3. do you have a copy of this delay theory that youd be willing to send me that is a big issue in our area and woul be much ablidged
  4. Cap is good for a temporary fix but new society in space is a beast mode alternative ... wali situation it works... good rep porfavor:wavey:
  5. hay wana be friends lol even if you dont pm me with your answer

  6. yah the line has been concreat for a while youd definatly have to have hard cor lit for tha...............positive rep porfavor:Yoda:Rocket:
  7. paintballer38

    Socialism aff

    yah i agree socailism is a topic that is already been proven but worst case senerio model france or as cube dude sais look araund youl find somthing... Positive rep porvavor......................................................:surf::Rocket:
  8. please send me a pm with your thoughts on this suject matter muchos gracias
  9. weel could it be run on a socalism aff positive rep porfavor:ray:
  10. hay retier whate are your views on hiedeger k for poverty... i think i misspelled it?:Flame::tank:
  11. yah id have that debate for any one who wants to know
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