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  1. Berkeley Prep will be at the tourney- and at the round robin- can't wait to see my Michigan friends again! And my old team!
  2. Berkeley Prep Will be attending
  3. Semis: Pinecrest BM d. University ?? (2-1) Berkeley XP d. Pinecrest LS (2-1) Finals Berkeley (Aff AmeriCorp) d. Pinecrest BM (2NR Topicality and Theory) 3-0 Almeida, Trigaux, Spencer Top Speaker Yunhan- Berkeley Thats all I know getting updates via email from the awards ceremony.... sorry :-) Congratz to everyone
  4. Zpreston


    Any Michigan teams going to Catholic nationals?
  5. Quarters Berkeley Prep DX (1) d. University School ZP (8) Ft. Lauderdale FS (6) d. Berkeley Prep MG (3) Ft. Lauderdale DW (4) advances over Ft. Lauderdale MT (5) Pine Crest MT (2) d. Columbus GT (7) Semis FT. Lauderdale FS (6) d. Berkeley Prep DX (1)- 2-1 Pine Crest MT (2) d. Ft. Lauderdale DW (4)- 3-0 Finals Pine Crest MT (2) and Ft. Lauderdale FS (6) Congratz!
  6. Novice Quarters (1) Mona Shores SW d. (8) IKE KM (2) Groves SS d. (7) Mona Shores WW (3) TCC CH advances over (6) TCC HT (4) Groves GK d. (5) TCC BQ Semis (1) Mona Shores SW d. (4) Groves GK (2) Groves SS d. (3) TCC CH Finals (1) Mona Shores SW d. (2) Groves SS 3-0 Speakers 1. Kevin Query- TCC 2. Tyler Slamkowski- Mona Shores 3. Travis Wheeler- Mona Shores 4. Garrett Kohler- Ike 5. Katie Stanton- TCC 6. Skylar Thompson- TCC 7. Kyle Willson- Mona shores 8. Mike Payne- TCC 9. Audrey Maxson- Mona Shores 10. Kennedy Cullen- TCC Junior Varsity Finals East Kentwood GS d. TTC TW Open Semis (1) Brother Rice HK d. (4) Cadillac GJ (2) Dexter HK d. (3) Mona Shores GP Finals (2) Dexter HK d. (1) Brother Rice CH 2-1 Speakers 1. Matt Kaas- Dexter 2. Evan Hebert- Brother Rice 3. Lukas Hosford- Dexter 4. Sydney Machesky- IKE 5. Michal Crowe- Brother Rice 6. Haley Perkins- Mona Shores 7. Sam Grimm- Mona Shores 8. Ricky Hall- Mona Shores 9. Alex Dipple- Mona Shores 10. Devin Johnson- Cadillac
  7. Novice (1) Seaholm VW d. (4) Mona Shores GS (3) Groves GK d. (2) East Kentwood MO (3) Groves GK vs. (1) Seaholm VW Open 1- Andy Wirth (Groves) 2- Rachel Fine (Groves) 3- Grace Davis (Dow) 4- Tyler Hitchcock (Dow) 5- Jeff Rehberg (Dow) 7- Taylor Graham (East Kentwood) 8- Leah Hubinger (Dow) 9- Little Nierman (Groves) 10- Kate Tonge (Dow) Top Seed of Fine and Wirth couldn't break 5-0 (2) Dow RS d. (5) East Kentwood GG (3) Dow DH locked out (4) Dow HT Dow locked out Finals Congratz to everyone!
  8. the Groves v Seaholm round was me Fisher and Collin, I got sat- voted on no link/no nb to cp
  9. MAy 15-16 at East Kentwood
  10. again i am not entirely sure just going by what was talked about at Nationals but i am pretty sure EK is hosting it
  11. It is towards the middle of May, I am not sure the exact date I will try to figure that out for you
  12. East Kentwood will be sending 2 teams for novice and 1 for JV
  13. 7th Speaker was Caitlin Carmody from Dexter
  14. anything yet about Varsity Octas? I know in novice quarters Homwood-flossmor d. East Kentwood
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