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  1. If this is irrelevant please punch me, but I feel like the real reason people are quitting debate is the quality of arguments. Speed would be all well and good if we were making legitimate points and truly engaging in deep debate, but we're not. My friends who have quit debate in the last two years haven't quit because of speed, they've quit because of politics DAs, consult counterplans, and nuclear war :-P
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    Rename it and change the ending to .docx then open it in Microsoft Word, if you're talking about what I think.
  3. Well, hello to you as well sir.

  4. Hello, Phonan. I noticed that nobody was talking to you, so Hi.

  5. But that's not the part that you read, or even cut! >_> And no one would ever take the time to prep this DA, right?.......
  6. This may not be the best written DA, but.. >_> Uniqueness- Alternative energy investment is set to decline Grant Smith and Mark Shenk (staff writers,) Oil may rebound to average US $60 in 2009, Bloomberg News, December 31 2008 accessed online http://www.btimes.com.my/Current_News/BTIMES/articles/oilbo09/Article/index_html January 12 2009 Oil futures may rebound from their worst year to average US$60 a barrel next year as OPEC makes record production cuts to counter the deepest economic slump since World War II. While oil tumbled from a record US$147.27 in July consumers in the U.S., Japan and Germany faced their first simultaneous recessions in six decades. The plunge risks curtailing investment in new rigs, refineries and alternative energy sources, setting the stage for a supply crunch later on. Link- Aliens dislike alt energy and will attack us Dave Parrack, UFO damages wind- turbine- Aliens not alternative energy fans?, Blorge (BLORGE is a technology news site covering technology and science with a team of international writers,) January 8 2009 http://tech.blorge.com/Structure:%20/2009/01/08/ufo-damages-wind-turbine-aliens-not-alternative-energy-fans/ accessed January 12 2009  Wind farms with hundreds of wind turbines spinning away are becoming a more common sight around the UK in this enlightened, environmentally friendly time. But while fans of low-energy or green technologies love them, it seems aliens aren’t quite as keen. Surely that’s the only explanation for why a UFO is thought to have crashed into a turbine in Lincolnshire on Sunday night. Before we continue with this intriguing story, I suppose I should disclose that I do believe in life on other planets. Yes, I’m a kook, and maybe a bit gullible with it. But I actually think people who believe Earth is the only planet in the universe with intelligent life on are the messed-up ones. Do you know how many planets there are? With this in mind… According to BBC News, two wind turbines at a wind farm in Conisholme, Lincolnshire were hit damaged on Sunday night, and the cause of the damage is unknown. Coinciding with the time the damage was done, many people in the area reported seeing hovering lights or glowing orbs. Which to my mind count as a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Ecotricity, the company that owns the site, is continuing its investigation but admits the damage is unique. One turbine suffered a badly damaged blade while another lost one altogether. Considering the blades are around 20 meters long, the cause of the damage must be something large. The Flying Saucer Bureau, a group dedicated to ufology, reported receiving 30 calls or emails from local residents of unusual activity in the skies the night before the damage was reported. The people who reported the strange lights weren’t all kooks either, with Robert Palmer, chairman of East Lindsey District Council being one of those who admitted to seeing the orbs and was keeping an open mind as to what they were. There are of course some less alien explanations for the damage. Dr Peter Schubel, from the University of Nottingham claims it could have been ice flying from a neighboring turbine. Other possible explanations are falling ice (frozen urine) from a passing plane, a meteorite, or simple metal fatigue. But none of these possible causes explains the lights seen by local residents. The Ministry of Defence isn’t concerned enough to investigate, but ufologists are keeping a close eye on the case to see if a viable alternative explanation is found. I wouldn’t rule out alien activity although why intelligent beings would travel halfway across the universe to damage a wind turbine isn’t immediately clear. Maybe they just aren’t fans of alternative energy. Impact- Alien attacks cause extinction of all life on Earth Travis S Taylor (PhD in Optical Science and Engineering, Masters in Physics, Aerospace Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, worked for DoD and NASA for 16 years,) and Bob Boan (PhD, has worked on multiple manned and unmanned space programs, taught chemistry from high school through grad school, space communication expert, has published multiple technical publications,) An Introduction to Planetary Defense, 2006, p 121 Conquest is undoubtedly the principal motivation for the greater part of human warfare. Many animals, solitary and social, are territorial, but wars of conquest seem to be unknown among animals. Conquerors always want to acquire territory. They may or may not want to acquire the possessions of the conquered. If they are on a much higher cultural level than the conquered, those possessions are probably of little value to them, as in the case of the European conquerors of Africa and the New World. The conquered people may be of value as a source of labor, but if the conquerors are sufficiently advanced technologically, such labor may be of no use to them. If the conquerors are on a much lower cultural level than the conquered -- which is occassionally the case -- they may not consider the possessions of the conquered to be of much value, and even if they do, they may not be able to maintain those possessions; consider the barbarians who overthrew the Western Roman Empire. Relatively primitive conquerors, if they want to maintain the more advanced culture of the conquered, may avail themselves of the services of the conquered in order to do so. If they do, they risk assimilation by the conquered, as in the case of the Mongols in China. One can imagine conquerors who find the conquered civilization to be so alien that they have no desire to acquire its possessions -- may even find them repugnant, and want to destroy them. This was to some extent the case with the Spanish in Latin America. If, for whatever reason, the conquered people are of no value to the conquerors, they may be exterminated as a possible threat, even if a minor one. This has been the fate of some primitive peoples on Earth, such as the Guanches of the Canary Islands. In other cases, the conquered are not exterminated, but are brutally oppressed. In yet other cases, they are assimilated by the conquerors; this process is far advanced for the American Indians. Assimilation would be difficult, if not impossible, if conquerors and conquered belonged to different species. If assimilation of the conquered is not convenient, extermination or enslavement of the conquered appear to be the logic alternatives. Alien invaders might come from a planet with a very different environment than Earth. If their technologies were sufficiently advanced -- and if they could cross interstellar space, it undoubtedly would be -- they might want to transform Earth's environment into one more congenial to them. If they did, Man -- and most, if not all, of Earth's flora and fauna -- would be exterminated incidentally. This would be case unless those species adapted rapidly to the new environment.
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    Econ Uniqueness

    Thanks very much to everyone who responded. The debate is tomorrow and so I'm going to just go with the evidence I currently have- If I have time I'll look at dollar rebounding stuff as well. The round may be shortened anyway, in which case there's a good chance we'll cut the weak econ DA. Thanks again everyone, I probably would have been lost here without some help (And Google News was useful. >_>)
  8. Phonan

    Econ Uniqueness

    *sigh* you could be right. Just one last question. Does anyone know about a good brink card, like over a certain amount will crash econ? Thanks everyone who's commented.
  9. Phonan

    Econ Uniqueness

    LOL- thanks, I'll keep trying though.
  10. Phonan

    Econ Uniqueness

    *sarcasm* I hadn't thought of that! */sarcasm* Seriously, everything I've found so far says it's a choice between: no bailout=catastrophe bailout=slightly worse catastrophe This may be true, but for Uniqueness I need a card saying the economy is going to head up. Any. Help. Anyone?
  11. I'm currently working on an econ DA but it's pretty hard to get uniqueness with the current US economy in such bad shape. Does anyone have a recent card saying econ is headed up, or maybe that the bailout will work, or does anyone have advice on where to find one? thanks. Phonan
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