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  1. Cole that is not the only reasoning we at SJA have a very small budget for debate and paying for NFL does not allow us to go to very many tournaments outside of johnson county or anything. That is the main reason not because it is a scheme we simply just need to save some money and yes NFL is good but not the most important thing for program right now
  2. MakeitRainAff

    NBA Playoffs

    the mavs are done for spurs are just playing to well right now. o by the way thunder gunna pull off this upset?
  3. congrats to duke but man do i hate them with a freaking passion wish butler could have pulled it off.
  4. just wondering were everyone will be going and if you will be debating. I plan on going to ksu and hopefully debating there
  5. good job emporia way to rep kansas debate
  6. awesome tournament congrats to Buehler for winnin 4A very strong team
  7. Thanks to all of you guys even though i could not get a judge i will not be at CFL sadly. good luck to all of those that are attending.
  8. hey im looking for a judge for CFL if i dont find one i cant go not having any luck. ill be honest we prob wont be able to pay you because thats how our budget is. but plz pm me or something.
  9. i had you as a judge great guy and im sure runs an amazing tournament!
  10. lol im not talking about just reading im talking about if your losing on everything else and ur kicking ass on condo bad how do i go all out for 5 mins on it so its a guarantee win
  11. Okay so i was winning cond bad but apparently did not go all out for it. i was told i should have just str8 done five minutes of condo bad how can you go for 5 mins of condo bad
  12. very well run tournament and just a question i know some ppl who can judge but is their any requirements like have to be atleast sophmore in college or something?
  13. yea like preventing the bad effects pof yucca saves natives because yucca is on natives land which would be a social service
  14. the aff would be yucca is inherently racist poisons natives then like enviornment adv or some other ones then solvency removing yucca
  15. yucca creates pollution, and yucca racists
  16. i am looking for yucca mountain bad cards, hurts enviornment or just things like that.
  17. lol if you judge i will try to finance in some way pm me
  18. Only one team from my school is going my coach wont hire a judge and i dont know a qualified judge if someone would want to judge for free at KCKCC that would be awesome for me.
  19. im not choosing sides but here is my lil input. i think that allowing the ToC would be awesome it would give those who want to go the opportunitie. And kansas debate needs to open up and be open minded about any argument and not just shut you out when yuou hear criticism or k. its just terribly pathetic.
  20. MakeitRainAff

    CFL Results

    campbell was a good debater and as well as her partner good job
  21. lol yea jdi was overall awesome and worth it
  22. yea shes good dont get me wrong the two solvency turns she dropped i thought killed us
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