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  1. they didn't have answers to their own aff
  2. maybe some audio recordings would be fine?
  3. WOW that is such a weird strat... who goes for case these days?
  4. just FYI - 2 out of the 3 judges in the panel go to the same school as da machine
  5. maybe an indepth explanation of what 'reasonability' really means. and how to strategically use C/I only our case topical and all topical cases plus ours
  6. thats the dumbest thing i've heard yet.
  7. Skeletor


    wow. you are dumber than i thought. that's called a double turn, which isn't the smartest thing to do.
  8. Why not have these discussions somewhere else? Nobody cares about your intrasquad affairs...or else it would turn into Westwood Pt. 2
  9. Name: Dustin Meyers-Levy School: Edina High School
  10. i think you should stop hating on the members on your team. you're representing the rest of the edina squad on here.
  11. Skeletor


    You're really scared of impact turning your own advantages? At the TOC levels, all the good teams impact turn their own advantages, it really confuses your opponents...
  12. its the stupidest argument ever. don't run it. ever.
  13. its because you failed at trolling and obviously cannot get the red bars like legit kids.
  14. I just underline it all and pretend I read it all; nobody ever calls me out, its what all the pros do...
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