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  1. did u ever get that dada k,because I want one too.

  2. well i mean if u used the def for social service as social service - an organized activity to improve the condition of disadvantaged people in society couldnt u make an aff saying that all major companies have to bring there plants( ex. car companies etc.) back to the U.S. from other countries then we could give millions of poeple back jobs and bring money in for the U.S. just an idea
  3. hey ive tried google and such but i cant find anything to say that social services dont help the physical body and evidence would be great or just let me know where to find the info would be awesome too thanks
  4. well the one if have just says topicality sets up waht we can and cant talk about and that leads to oppression and one of the impacts is colonialism and the author is Bleiker
  5. ok well i understands k's and topicality but when u run the kritik of topicality what changes and well my coach said that i shouldnt run it until i understand it very well so wondering if anyone could help me out please and thank u.. FYI: my coach is busy with his college debate thats why im asking for help.
  6. does anyone have one of her files i have tons to trade but i cant find one of his/her's not sure
  7. ok ive looked for this everywhere does anyone have it as a file or somewhere i can cut the liturature for the dada critique please and thank u
  8. im novice and it was at state quals it went something like us neg. 2and a half mins of questioning cellulose ethanol they didn't sayanything new and then me "does ur plan ever consider women" them: " umm no not really" i was trying to link to impact (opresses womens rights) p.s. both judges were women it was kinda funny they got mad i think
  9. alright i was a novice now im going to the jv section but anyways im going to try to set up all the junk im guna need next year any suggestions of what will be run i know mostly k's and theory but what specific k's other then cap, empire, gift, and development. any help would be awesome and if anyone wants to be part of this let me know my email is munkieman92@yahoo.com p.s. if u have any files already mabye hooking it up would be cool but if not u know where the info could be found so i can cut it and what aff's would be cool to
  10. nah just if u don't have anything just run on case about nuclear reprocessing and they use uranium not alot but they use it and do proliferation k or something cap maybe good luck
  11. ok state quals are guna be at my school so i was wondering if anyone had some random files i could use and if anyone has the dada k for fun email me at munkieman92@yahoo.com thanks u guys:)
  12. Ha well i understand the basic ideas of being and Being but whats the difference between Being and Dasein "Thanks for any info"
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