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  1. Hey everyone, My name is Amit and I'm currently a rising senior at Vanderbilt. I've been pretty detached from the high school community this year, but I wanted to ask and see if any of y'all are coming to Vandy in the fall and are interested in debate. We have a pretty competitive program and have traveled to every national tournament and a variety of regional ones in the past with no sign of changing. We had a first-round a couple of years ago and had a team at the NDT this past year, so we'd love some first-years to help the team grow. If any of you will be attending Vandy or if you know someone who is, please feel free to reach out to me. Thanks, Amit
  2. I've checked through numerous backfiles and my own cardfile, but i can't seem to find this. Does anyone have any cards that talk about how if the US breaks treaties/international agreements it will lead to a loss of soft power/heg/etc? I'm looking for an impact card to international agreements. Thanks
  3. Policy used to be pretty big in the Carolinas, but after it became faster it died out. Now, it doesn't even exist as no school in either state offers it. which is ironic since Georgia is right next door.
  4. Um. Last time I checked, none of these essays were about profanity... I might be wrong though.
  5. Does anyone know of any profanity good authors/cards?
  6. http://www.debateteamdocumentary.com/ Anyone know where I can find the actual movie?
  7. Does anyone know where I can find Policy or LD camp lecture video/audio online? I have found the links on gaforensics.com but are there any other good sites? Thanks
  8. haha either way, those cites still might be of help to me.
  9. Yeah, although that site is mainly based on Rawlsian Justice although it could still come in handy. And that Zizek card would be nice.
  10. I am planning on writing a kritik of Justice for my own use and for my LD kids. Can anyone hook me up with some evidence and/or authors? I have plenty of stuff to trade. Thanks
  11. First, I am looking for some Ludwig Wittgenstein cards critiquing Justice (Or any cards critiquing Justice). And second, the Nietzsche cards where he talks about how words only have meaning if we give them meaning and how they are only symbols etc. Even just the title of the essay/book for these would be great. Thanks
  12. Wiki has this under "Kritik" for Zizek The “typical” Zizek critique (if there is one) accuses the other team of living in a series of symbolic fantasy worlds where ineffective political action is fetishized for personal gratification in place of, and sometimes to the detriment of, actual change. The alternative is often, though not always, to do nothing in order to cause the collapse of the symbolic system. In which of Zizek's books does he discuss this idea and/or where can i learn more about it? thanks
  13. What are his main ideas and what book(s) are good reading material by him? thanks
  14. amitpop

    Infamous cards

    nothing in particular, just wondering what was out there.
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