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    In a freshman. This is my first year of debate so I'm kinda the kid of our team. It sux being the only freshman. =(
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  1. delarosakid


    COuld I say: Having a powerful milltary , with a bloated budget is taking us one step closer to become Nazi Germany. ?
  2. delarosakid


    Yeah, so I'm trying to put together a case for next year. Basically the USFG should use some of the miltary's budget to increase social services. I was planning on modeling Brazil's Bosla Familia plan to make a new social service helping poor students by paying them to stay in scholl and be healthy. Its working over there, kinda. I have stuff saying its lowering poverty levels so I wanted to calim its impericaly proven. I wanted to claim heg is bad and our plan solves for it because we're taking money from the miltary. Any thoughts or advice?
  3. :eek:That doesn't help...
  4. delarosakid


    Anyone know any good cards claiming that the milltary's spending budget is bloated and should be put to better use, sucha s funding for a social service?
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