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    Warren Fasone
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    I am a policy debater from chesterton Indiana. Debate and Speech do take up most of my time.
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  1. Prep in Indiana is only 5 min to so thats something we have in common, and thanks for the tape, im sure this will help.
  2. My name is Warren Fasone, I qualified to nationals through Chesterton High School in Indiana and I have a huge problem, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DEBATE NATIONAL STYLE DEBATE. Indiana is a bit slower and the arguments are alot diffrent. I am a competative person and I would like to break at Nationals. I need the input of some real national debaters to get me going on arguments I will see in Kansas City. I really would like some outside coaching, my current coach, Mr. lowry is really getting me prepared but I think some outside input may help alot.
  3. Im a student from Chesterton indiana, Juinior at Chesterton High School, and I am going to the KC tournament.
  4. I have my money on Faransis and sean, Hannah and Tom breaking to Semis
  5. Thanks guys this is a huge help
  6. I am an Indiana Policy Debater who simply has no idea what some popular cases are on the national level. I broke out of districts and do wish to be moderately competitive in KC. If anyone knows any popular cases I would appreciate the help, it would greatly help my neg strategy.
  7. Dude naww naw it aint gana happen
  8. Whats up. I am better known as Warren Fasone.

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