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  1. I am always proud to have debated in the State of Kansas and glad to know more of the history behind it. Of random note, 1910 is also when KU started a chapter of Delta Sigma Rho which is a debate/forensics society.
  2. It's about time. My debating was exponentially better when I was able to flow on laptops (3TNFL and STA in '08) There are alot of students with Disabilities that will benefit from this decision.
  3. Also Jack, good to know you still post here
  4. Cole alot of schools are dropping out of NFL due to budget problems. Also watch yourself don't say anything on here you'd regret. alot of people who know you are on here. Myself included
  5. I have dysgraphia which made it impossible to flow at the same rate and within the size constraints of paper. In college I'm still the only member of the squad to flow on a laptop but it helps so much.
  6. I'm not sure if Kansas/Mo. Teams have developed a reliable case list yet. Just ask around I'm sure they will answer you.
  7. The Tournaments my Senior in KS that allowed laptops are the ones I did the best in. I have a Handwriting Disability so Flowing was very hard. Once I was allowed to use a computer I was able to flow much better. I feel the benefits of Allowing Laptops far O/W the Problems they Present.
  8. Heritage Hall over Pembroke BS 3-0 Millard West AM v. Pembroke HV 3-0
  9. BVN WC (Flip) v. Millard West AM Emporia BS (Flip) (a) v. SME SR 2-1 Jenks PM (Aff) v. Greenwood Lab MM Millard West WB (Flip) v. Heritage Hall HS Pembroke BS (Flip) v. Omaha Westside RE Pembroke EA (Flip) v. BVN WF Pembroke HV (Flip) v. Garden City WR Truman GP (Flip) v. Millard South SM 2-1 Quarters: Millard West AM (flip) V. Jenks PM Pembroke BS (flip) V. millard south SM Pembroke HV V. Pembroke EA Shawnee Mission East SR ( flip) V. Heritage Hall HS
  10. I think if the plan interprets stopping yucca mountains negative effects it can be considered a social service. or if it offers some sort of service to natives because of yucca or some healthcare or something...
  11. At the MO. State Bear Shock tournament the following KU teams made it into out rounds Open: KS CJ - (campbell/Jack) Dropped in quarters KS JS - (Jameson/Schmitz) Also dropped in quarters to MO-state JV: KS CG (Cantwell/Getto) Dropped in Partial-Octos to UTSA Congrats to the youngins of the KU squad as this was their first tournament and made a hell of a showing. also Congrats to Campbell, Jack, and Wood for getting Speakers awards. Congrats to Maggie Weller of KSU for speaker award in JV. In JV the other KS team breaking I beleive was KCKCC (unsure on the team) - Dropped in Partial-octos im unsure on Open and Novice breaks or speaks for other KS teams - I think JCCC had a good showng.
  12. I actually See Jack Vielhauer of SJA doing really well if he gets a decent partner. no bias here, How much this kid has learned and picked up this year. He should contend in the district tournament next year.
  13. Name: Joe Getto High School: St. James Academy College: KU Major: Theatre/Philosphy minor in poli sci or history Debating: Most Likely
  14. I propose more best of's so we can squabble some more. 1. Best Aff of the Year 2. Best and most effective Squirrel Aff 3. Best at having recent ev. Aff Team 4. Best Advantage 5. Best Cross-ex 6. Best Underated Team:
  15. well who ever this is obviously knows me. this makes me think my partner but i dont think he knows these people that well.
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