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  1. Northwestern. - Zane Waxman, Brophy
  2. Brophy - Zane Waxman/Mike Maerowitz and Andy McCoy/Max Maerowitz.
  3. Email me if youre interested in coaching/judging for us at the Alta tourney in Utah. Zane Waxman Brophy
  4. I can't be sure, but these seminarians may be trying their hands at the dangerous art of "noobslaying" only time shall tell
  5. hershel/cam. comin' at ya.
  6. Zanezor

    internal link

    dont worry about the difference between and internal and non-internal and maybe even external link you understand a link one thing leads to another both sides use links if your aff was cap and trade link - cap and trade solves warming link - warming kills elephants impact - if all elephants die you cry likewise on the neg against your aff, if they said cap and trade killed the economy link - cap and trade drives up consumer costs link - high consumer costs cripple the economy impact - if the economy sucks, we all cry try not to get caught up in jargon if you dont need to
  7. i hate that layne kid who cut it anyway. don't worry about it. file sucks. sucks. sux. peace our broooo.
  8. gbs v peter and christos would be much appreciated -zane
  9. i assume the counterplan was to grandfather instead of fully auction? or was it case arguments?
  10. it seems the question mark is largely irrelevant by proposing a plan every aff is asking whether or not we should do it to the neg, to which the answer is (hopefully) no (the 1nc) if your only link on heidegger is, "you say the plan should happen, you didnt ask us if it should happen, tech thought yo," then youre in bad shape anyway. they're asking if the plan should be affirmed, Martin's answer is: no.
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