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  1. figment

    owl city

    i just don't get why being signed to a major label would make you take someone more seriously. as if a joke couldn't be perfectly marketable.
  2. figment

    owl city

    why do you care what label he is signed to?
  3. figment


    i don't know what the best is, but i just found this remix i really like.
  4. figment

    Kanye and the VMA's

    they just don't make them like they used to.
  5. figment

    the hurt locker

    it was never news to begin with, on this forum.
  6. figment

    the hurt locker

    keep up the word play, though.
  7. figment

    the hurt locker

    i relate 'slice' to a kind of analysis. i was thinking along the lines of something where a part of a persons everyday life is taken and looked at closely, without really trying to create a story, or something to be moralized about. i think there are probably much stronger ideas about this film, but i don't know.
  8. figment

    the hurt locker

    for me, it was simply a slice of life i found worth watching. i'm interested in what you people think.
  9. figment

    Make a playlist

    do you like this one?
  10. hi i've decided to check out the artists mentioned in wikipedia's entry on gothic americana. i tend to like that kind of stuff. william elliott whitmore has a pretty interesting voice. i wont compare it to someone else cuz i think that's stupid. "cold and dead" (the version with the wind blowing in it) is a nice a cappella song. if you don't want to sit still, one man's shame and diggin' my grave are better choices. i'm sad but i'm happy this thread still exists.
  11. figment

    songs about suicide

    if you don't like anything about it, why post?
  12. figment

    songs about suicide

    http://www.playlist.com/searchbeta/tracks#ayria%2C%20lovely%20day this is the only one i really know.
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