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  1. I see it playing a huge role in this year's poverty topic. The Malthus DA has the potential to kill any poverty case that doesn't reduce the number of people in the United States, which of course many cases do not meet. Unless you're running a medicaid abortion aff. or placing child number restrictions on the poor, my advice would be to research answers to it.
  2. Statism and Marxist are what I've come up with so far.
  3. I've always thought congress was boring, most of the topics become a one sided debate. That being said though, I think it allows people's personal opinions about the issues to be expressed a lot easier than LD or PFD.
  4. Priority DA, saying that we have other priorities other than Alternative Energy. Didn't help much when they tried to run it as K.
  5. I agree with him, debate will be dead in a few years if we continue to go down the road that we're on.
  6. No, but it's going to be a boring year when you know medicare/medicaid and welfare are going to be focused on heavily.
  7. Great, now everyone is going to be talking about welfare and medicare/medicaid.
  8. I could probably get you a neg. file to you in about 3-5 days, depending on my schedule and how difficult it is to find the info. Contact me at: 445jrbrugman05@students.olatheschools.com so I know what kind of info to look for besides the basic stuff you listed.
  9. Yes, but has a president ever had such a huge majority of his party projected to be in the house/senate? The way the media hypes Obama, you would think the guy could cure cancer just by touching someone. The space topic looks to be pretty cool for next year, too bad I won't be around to debate it.
  10. Ozmanks

    Case Book

    Yes, but to some people that's what keeps them in it, they like the challenge of making a neg. file for an aff. case. If I went into every round and ran the same generic da/K, it would get old pretty quick.
  11. Does it knock the national healthcare topic out of consideration for the 2009 topic? That's basically what he wants.
  12. Ozmanks

    Case Book

    No, because it's not out in the public domain. This requires a school to have great flow notes, so that way they know what each point of an aff. case is and then they can work on finding NEG. cards for it.
  13. Ozmanks

    Case Book

    Once again, if you put a casebook together you're cheating. There is no surprise element whatsoever. Are you guys really this fucking stupid all the time. Seriously do you not look at your ballots, refer to the school code list, and look at your flow to see what certain schools are running. That's all you have to do (put a neg together for it), hell if you don't do it, you deserve to get your ass handed to you every round.
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