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  1. Which camps put out a consult Japan counterplan for the alt energy topic?
  2. What are some 'retro theory' arguments? I was watching some lectures and came across one that mentioned them. Where could i get a retro theory file? (don't tell me not to run it, that's not what I asked)
  3. Does anybody have cards and or literature on the strike through perm, where you do the plan and put a strike through on words that cause the kritik to draw attention to them.
  4. I find myself lacking knowledge on this particular issue. What are some basic points on Fiat theory? Are there cores in existence? Are there online lectures I can watch?
  5. I recently observed a round where I saw a nuclear deterrence aff stating that the united states must invest in fusion bombs. Was this put out by a camp or home cut? and are there any camp neg files specific to the case?
  6. I've been doing some work on the TDP "Soylent Oil" aff and was wondering what camps put out aff and neg files on them so i can know where to find some more evidence. any help would be appreciated
  7. thanks, all of the cards from the argument in question are from the same author and it seems easier to take him out than his content
  8. How would i go about assembling an argument to attack the author of my opponent's card? (wasn't sure where to put this)
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