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  1. the whitman debate camp is still accepting apps. they aren't full yet so if you're interested in going to camp I think that's your last option. I went last year and it wasn't half bad. You really have to work to push yourself though. Go to the three week, opposed to two week, you'll get a lot more one on one attention.
  2. Oh and also, this aff really only can claim generic advantages so there's nothing terribly strategic or exciting about it... also, it links harcore into really generic Ks so you're going to need some serious blocks if you are actually going to expect to do well with it.
  3. I thought of this strat a while ago, but haven't gotten the chance to use it yet... Get them to say by flex fuel they mean E85 compatible or that they mean remaining with the E15. Run a substantially increase T that says they aren't substantial. Then also run a bunch of on-case args. - Most cars can't handle E85 thus you either have to buy a new car that does handle it or you have to get a whole new engine, etc. ($$$) - Gas stations can't handle E85. So they have to completely replace their underground holding system to handle it. What's the incentive for individuals to do it? There isn't, thus if there are any advantages that do anything to fix the environment or reduce dependence on oil they can't claim them. This strat serves as a rather obvious, but cute little T-case trap. Either they aren't T or they can't solve case. Throw in a CP incentivizing new tech/development/tax relief for flex fuel vehicles and you can solve case. If they are incentivizing the tech anyway, then also run xtra T... It's legit.
  4. that's a stupid link. And yeah, our country will continue to spend billions on fighting terrorism whether we have the money to do so or not. The real issue here if we were to stop spending billions on the "protection" of Americans from the evil terrorists there would be huge criticism of the gov. Plus, it's empirically proven that there's no impact to this event. Osama crashed planes into the twin towers and yet we didn't have a nuc war or extinction...?
  5. what do ya'll think of disclosing advantages? I was in a quarter finals round recently and the neg team flipped a bitch when we didn't disclose advantages even though we disclosed plan text. Is this legit? imo, I don't think it's bad to just disclose plan text. You can usually tell some what by the look and experience of the team what their advantages are going to be, not to mention the case, there are pretty generic advs for affs. But yeah disclosing is important.
  6. This is actually a really strategic aff. It doesn't link to nearly any da's and is one of the only K's on this topic that doesn't really link to cap. Not many people are running it so not a lot of teams are that prepped out for it, so they end up running generics. Yeah, you run into huge T problems since it's not topical most of the time but if you write good T blocks, there are legit answers, and it's not hard to win. We've lost maybe 3 rounds (two legit) out of six tournaments.
  7. Herod is actually a crack head. Well, not literally, but he might as well be... We run Herod 04 as our alt... well, we did, but uhhhh... he's pretty fucked up if you actually look at what he proposes.
  8. I'm trying to get a running list of the cap alt authors people are using. Any help would be awesome. Just author, year, and what the alt does (reject, etc.)
  9. I'd use a couple good da's, T, and then attack inherency. Find a card saying hemp fails, canada industry proves.
  10. hey if you pm me your email I'll send you something at will be super helpful in teaching your students. It's a handbook essentially...
  11. I'm looking for cards saying dependence is bad. I don't want spec. to oil, but generally dependence on other countries, on resources, etc. bad. ! if there are any floating around... hit me up
  12. UK is attempting to ban "extreme" pornography with the hopes that it will decrease violence against women. Included in the porn that would become illegal to own, download, or view is porn depicting bestiality. Personally, I think this is pretty much bullshit. I say amen to the guy who gets off watching a man bang a horse. That's just a gift. But seriously, is there really a link between socially deviant pornography and violence against women?
  13. Thanks for that. I wore jeans (granted nice jeans) at a tournament this weekend and the judge gave me 75 speaks (from 70-100 in oregon) and she was like you need to dress way better and talk slow. I was going maybe quarter speed. Fuck lay judges.
  14. Seriously there are some serious differences between hemp and marijuana that you guys are completely overlooking. Like besides the THC content, height difference and difference in leaf size, you smoke the leaf of pot and you use the stalk of the hemp plant for ethanol and basically anything else you're going to do with it... Besides the point that when you're growing hemp there is no reason not to let the plant seed, which means it won't produce THC potent leaves... Seriously, don't go for the hemp=pot arg. you will just come out looking like an idiot besides the fact that anyone running hemp is going to have solid answers to this arg... So seriously, stop talking about it. I'd say the best way to beat hemp is to use another kind of ethanol as a CP. Like, use the brazilian sugar ethanol as a CP or something. You'd have to come up with some good reason as to why the perm doesn't work, but at least it would be a more interesting debate. You could also do a hemp kills capitalism. Cap k2 us heg. Heg is awesome. Dec in us heg --> terrorism & nuc war. I'd say that's a really solid neg strat. I'd fo sho suggest the latter.
  15. sure except that those are all essentially PICs which are so fucking abusive you're going to run into a serious theory debate...
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