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  1. http://www.scribd.com/doc/86167074/Ashtar-Answers Does anyone have this specific Ashtar File??
  2. Does anyone have some Samuel Huntington ev? Kev
  3. Im looking for something along the lines of more Oil or cheaper Oil helps troop readiness OR Something that makes the claim that cheaper energy/better troop movement helps troop readiness/key to winning wars.
  4. Can anyone think of some place where there would be ev. that says that Oil is key to hedge/war?
  5. I remember a aff on the increase incentives for alt energy topic that had us send uranium to Iran, doesn't anyone know where this might be or the camp that put it out?
  6. what are the one's closest to not sucking?
  7. Are there any good micro politics bad/doesn't solve/non logistical arugments out there for a micro vs macro politics debate or do they all suck?
  8. can anyone give me cites for a preemptive war with Iran bad card?
  9. Does anyone know if google book recorders work anymore or has google figured out how to stop them?
  10. Does anyone know if the google books downloader is even working anymore b/c Im trying a book now and its so far taken half an hour and its still not found the book. I also read on a website that google has been cracking down on the program.
  11. Killa Kev


    I keep on hearing this but how did the US commit genocide in Yugoslavia?
  12. I have been speed reading and I have been doing this 8 min pen in my mouth 8 min backwards 8 min over annunciating 8 min putting mississippi in between words 16 min reading fast I would start off reading 8 min fast, then do everything else, then do 8 min fast after. Reason for this is because at tournaments I would have to speak fast first (ie I couldn't do drills before the round). Anyway when I speed read first Im usually good at first and I breath between words (not each word but after a random set). After a while however I find the need to burp and I keep the burp in but then I go slower. For my last 8 min Im usually better but can anyone diagnose this problem?
  13. Cyberbullying is key to keep strong men in power and which will allow the extorsionist lunch money flow of money to continue. Collapse of this collapses the economy.
  14. can anyone direct me to one of those symbols pdfs or docs, that has flow symbols. Michigans one would be perferable
  15. This question is going to sound weird but for a Reject K aff or a Black Asthetic team and generally to most "other teams" (I don't use the phrase performence because not all of them are performence), what does the term pre-fiat and post-fiat mean to them. What I remeber it means is that post-fiat = what we learn after the round and pre-fiat = what we learned before the debate round (?). If someone could explain what those two things mean and how they are generally used in a debate round that would be helpful.
  16. Killa Kev

    Highest wins

    By any chance, for curiosity, does anyone know who the college policy debater is that has the highest amount of wins in College?
  17. I have a question though, lets say I am a Senior and I want to become a NDT Debater and plan on winning that tournament one day, would going to a collegiate debate camp each summer help me with gaining more insight into arguments, blocks, and over all practice or would it be a waist anyway?
  18. I know theres a program out there that allows you to copy stuff right out of google books, similarly to a pdf, but I don't know what the name of it is, does anyone know?
  19. There are a lot of good humanitarian impacts in fema aff's from the poverty topic. There ususally like, Natural Disasters are on the rise in the future and they will cause economic collapse and or extinction if we don't increase funds to fema.
  20. Very sorry, I won't post this unless I needed it immediately, but whats the website to the website where they have the case lists of all the National High School debaters
  21. Yeah, your right, when I searched it on google it said 2010 in gray, but the real page was written in 09, okay, Ill shut up now.
  22. A2 Nathan Debate I found a better article from the White House, Obama will decrease troop presence to 35,000 and then will pull out all troops in 2011 officially making Iraq nonunique http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/remarks-of-president-barack-obama-responsibly-ending-the-war-in-Iraq/ A2 JustAlex, I havent thought of that however I doubt it because you would have to vote for the resoultion, and either the NFL would have to change the resolution and that would piss off all the schools and maybe lead to less teams debating and/or less donations or they could rewrite the resolve. have another vote on it, but that would mess up the debate camps, which doesn't ruin the debate year, but, ehh makes it still suck. Also Im not combing the other regions (well I am combining Kuwait and Iraq.) But still whats the advantage to decreasing troops in Afghanistan? Sure maybe you can run threat construction or your typical generic advantages, BUT, will that have a strong internal link to its impact in comparison to the Taliban victory in Afghanistan impact turn? A2 Studly Dudley, okay your right, I didn't know we still had TNW's in Turkey. "It's over 9000!!!" FUCK But really though Japan and Korea is all going to revolve around Japanese Soft Power and I haven't found a strong yard stick in that debate.
  23. So, technically I guess this isn't official, but Obama has said that he will diminish troop in Iraq by the Summer. So tell me, How ON EARTH did the dam NFL vote on a resolution that half of it will be non Inherent before the year even begins!!!! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/05/22/AR2010052201586.html?hpid=topnews Seriously, now the only like important region left is Korea and Japan.
  24. Interesting thought, what if I went to Townson and did straight up args, in 1NC ran a k that I understood well enough, but, I would have the mean block to, quote unquote, crazy arguments because thats what everyone else runs there. Does that seem like a good idea or will I just like be burried in policy work or will no one really train me for the straight up debates (get what Im saying?)
  25. Can anyone please direct me to a website that has a comprehensive list of colleges that have a debate program? thanks
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