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  1. thanks for the help kevinwy, but can you explain the K for me, ive read over it several times and i still cant grasp the entire thing, and thanks for your time
  2. i want to run this "do nothing cp" with a da me and my partner made ourselves, do you know where i could find this zezik K? it seems really good and thanks for all your help fellow debate brethren
  3. lookin for a status quoe CP. or any doing nothing is good cards. thanks
  4. Help me my debate brethren, if any of you have anything saying performence cases are good, can you send it my way, my emails amazedgore@gmail.com, much appreciated
  5. THANKS asura, much appreciated
  6. squireellllllllll caseeeesss for life!!!!!!!!!
  7. hey i heard theres an irony aff involving a soul powered generator, i would much appreciate it if someone could give me some info on it and if they would give me a link to where i could find this aff, or email it to me, my email is amazedgore@gmail.com, thank you for your time
  8. Iv been trying to get my hands on the camp files for this years cx topic, if anyone can give me a link to the files id much appreciate, also, hit me up if you have any homecut stuff or any good ideas for a unusual case, im really into doing all the wild and unusual cases, if you have anything just pm me or send me an email at amazedgore@gmail.com, thanks for all your time, peace out
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