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  1. I'm looking for a social imperialism kritik. Any ideas where I might look?
  2. I've noticed a lot of cases this year are reforming education. I was hoping to pull together a Federalism/States CP considering education is a Constitutional right given to the states. Help please.
  3. I was in a round and the neg team ran a green bubble DA saying that too much intrest in alternative energy will cause an economic bubble like the internet bubble. Has anyone heard of this or know any possible answers to it?
  4. Has anyone heard of a TAP pipeline disadvantages? I'm not sure exactly what is says, but I think is is about oil in Turkmenistan, Afganistan, and Pakistan. Or something like that.
  5. I know a team interested in running a SPS aff case. Is there any way to overcome the funding attacks that are going to be run on it?
  6. Britny

    Solar Power

    I'm putting together a solar power case and I'm having a hard time deciding which harms to use. Any ideas?
  7. Britny

    Finding Evidence

    Does anyone know if Paradigm Research sells any decent evidence? My coach is looking for something other than camp evidence to get for the year.
  8. Where is a good place to buy evidence from at the beginning of the season?
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