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  1. The Most Badass debater: Nishant Patel The Biggest Nishant Poser: Dillon Kang
  2. No. I'm not too entirely sure on what they run. All i know is that they run JDI's version of transit aff with Racism, Environment and Economy and some other advantage. I'll try to get one of them to post cites/or explanations. Also they have like a conditions plan text.
  3. Yeah, i don't have the time to put up the cites right now since i'm super busy with all my AP classes. I will be happy to explain my advantages/solvency scenario and jazz like that if you ask but at my discretion, i.e. don't ask questions like (what do you argue against an X arg) . For Native American Health care, we argue that we should increase I.H.S. funds in order to make more Native American Health clinics (we defend both traditional/"white man" healers) advantages are diabetes. Native americans are being afflicted by diabetes right now in the SQ 3 times the rate every year, and that if this rate continues, then Native Americans will all die. Only way to stop this is by health clinics. Then we have a Mental Health advantage that argues Natives americans are suffering from alcholism now. Failure to act and help is equivalent to just killing the natives off, and we must show compassion to help. For Immigrant Health Care. The first advanatage is xenophobia. Basicially it's like a lack of health care treats immigrants as the "other" and carriers of diseases like the Swine Flu. When we do this, we become in fear with the other and we need to show a system of unconditional hospitality for them. Derrida cards basically. And our second advantage is palliative health care which argues that Immigrants seek curative care now because they are in fear of deportation if they argue against the American culture of curative care, specifically Welform Reform act of 96 prevents immigrants from getting care but only "emergency care" we open up new ways for immigrants to get palliative care and key to value of life. All our solvency is predicated off Derrida cards on Unconditional Hospitality. If you have more questions, just ask me.
  4. Consult NATO on Africa Topic was real hot. I personally think it will work very well on this topic as well.
  5. i will attempt to put our affs up on the wiki as soon as possible, but i have no clue when that will be. Probably this weekend.
  6. Can we get a post regionals disclosure? I guess Tess and I will start. At regionals, we read Immigration Healthcare with advantages of Xenophobia and Palliative Health Care.
  7. damn Yost. You caught me.
  8. DKang2010

    Norman North

    Champs Division Semifinals ENHS Kang/Botkins v. Owasso Tommy/Hannah Coffman * Shelby Powers E O'Hair HH Holsted/Shear v Santa Fe Sheyar/Bates Thornhill JP Wilson X? 3-0 Finals ENHS Kang/Botkins vs. HH Shear/Holsted TRich Stormee Massey* Hayes 2-1 for Heritage Congrats to all. It was a very good tournament and Special congrats to Cooper and Phil.
  9. obviously. who didn't know that?
  10. This thread is pointless. You can wait until State to see the top teams of Oklahoma.
  11. I Love Brian Yeh And Shriya Samarth! Represent!
  12. DKang2010


    Where are all the seniors going for college and are you guys planning on debating?
  13. (Yes i have posted in this before. I realize that, lay off my back.) I don't necessarily know what this post is for, maybe it's simply a major bump in the thread but i found out the best place for this post is probably in this thread. I am now finishing up my high school debate career, maybe even my debate career in general. Who knows? I spent four years in this wonderful activity and i definitely took this activity for granted. I started off the year of 2006 in the old smelly room of A123 at Edmond North, under a new teacher, Jana Harrison. Little did i know, i soon fell in love with the place, more specifically with the atmosphere. After two months of slacking off, i was required to go to the Choctaw tournament. My first judge ever was Mr. Tom Richardson. It was quite nerve wracking going into that room to debate for the first time about homosexual beings in the military. However, all the nervous, numb feelings immediately disappeared when i saw Mr. Richardson's smile. The smile that could brighten up my day everyday. I eventually won that round without knowing any reasons as to how i won. The activity in and of itself seemed quite simple. I wanted to learn more about this activity. I started asking questions to Jana and then to Shae Bunas, secretly hoping that i can become an elite of the activity. Yeah, for my willingness to learn more mixed in with my arrogant, obnoxious behavior, i was made fun of in the debate community. A Whole lot actually. I was very discouraged and on the brink of quitting. Later, i debated with Erin Collins at Putnam City North. We eventually broke (my first tournament to ever break at) and we had Richardson as a judge. I was criticized as a tool in that round. i was very disheartened but Richardson was the only person to tell me that i will become better and that i need to keep listening to Jana. Honestly, he saved my debate career just then. As my debate career. It's been two years since Richardson made his disappearance among the debate community, but his presence is still felt through us. As i come to an end to my HS debate career, there are way too many people that i wanted to thank along with Richardson which i deemed fitting here. First and Foremost, (no particular order after the first three) Jana Harrison- She has become such a significant figure in my life, almost like a second mother to me. She taught me so many things in life that extends beyond the realm of the debate world. We often had many disagreements but it made our relationship alot stronger. She made me alot stronger. Much of my debate success (as little as i may have) is owed to her. At a time when everyone doubted me as a debater, she was the only one who really believed in me. She offered so many ways to help me outside of debate too. She is a very wise woman and she honestly has done such tremendous work at Edmond North and built it as one of the top programs in Oklahoma and she did it at such a young age. It's truly amazing. She is possibly one of the most amazing persons i know and has one of the largest hearts. My hopes go out to her and thank you for all you have done for me. Shae Bunas- Regarded as the asshole of the debate community, i would like to extend my thanks to you the most. I mean you were always there to criticize me for all the stupid things i did and i always wanted to prove you wrong and become better than you. It helped me motivate me to become a better debater and in all honesty i think you're one of the best coaches ever. You made me work when i didn't want to. Honestly, i, and probably along with others always term you as an asshole but i think you honestly have a kind heart. You'll probably kick me in the balls for saying that. You are an enigma because you care for others although you really don't. Such a paradox. Regardless, you have helped me reached alot of success as well, and honestly, seeing you debate made me want to be as good as you back in freshman year. Bryan Gaston- Heritage Hall has been running the tables my entire debate career. You breed such great debaters every year. I remember thinking this year that since Weston and Sierra are gone, maybe this is truly my year but boy was i proven wrong! You are a brilliant coach Gaston and also you are a very important figure in the realm of the Oklahoma debate world. Although you manage to pull teams together to whoop my ass annually, I appreciate all the work you put in for Oklahoma debate in general. Also, as a judge you always give me possibly the best oral critiques. Everytime i walk out of the room that you judge me in, i think my debate mind exponentially grew. Thanks Gaston for all the work you put in! Tess Botkins- I didn't think we would work out at first and i was SOOO close to dumping you as a partner but i'm so glad that i didn't because honestly speaking, i never had this much fun in debate until i met you as a partner. Honestly speaking, you are the way better debater in our partnership and i learned a lot from just debating with you and you are such a brilliant mind as well. I hope you do well in the collegiate circuit and thanks for always putting up with my shit. Erin Collins- You helped me learn so much over the course of my debate career and that is an understatement. I mean honestly i learned the jargon, the arguments, and every other essential things i needed to know. Debating with you helped me realize that i love this activity. i had my first Varsity Debate win with you and that means alot to me. I mean even now you help me all the time and ask me what you need to do for me to win. Thanks for always being there for me Erin and i know you're kicking ass at Emory and i hope you continue your success. Ish Kissenger- By far the NICEST guy i know. You play it off like you're not but honestly you are so generous. It's really hard for a coach to give up their best debater but you did because you knew it would be better for them. That by definition, is what a great coach should be. You helped build Moore into a program and even for that i should thank you. You are someone who always wants to learn and be the best. That competitive attitude helped build Moore into a great young program. You are also a great judge. I love having you in a panel. Everytime i see your name in my round i get into a big grin because i know i have some sort of lesson/great oral kritik heading my way. I hope you continue your success and thanks SOOO much for everything Ish! I just wish i can pay you back somehow.
  14. yeah, i'm double 1's this tournament but don't you worry, these novices are a tenfold better than me anyways.
  15. Who's all going? Edmond north is bringing Me/Novices Warmath/ortega Leasau/parmley Baker/Wang Hendricks/Some novice
  16. 3rd: Sam/Max from Norman North 2nd: Sheryar/Austin from Santa Fe 1st: Cooper/Philip from HH Congrats to all and congrats to Cooper Shear for getting top speaker as well.
  17. DKang2010

    Edmond North

    This Friday. See everyone there.
  18. when does the Greenhill casebook come out? Can someone please post that? Thanks in advance
  19. DKang2010

    Kobe Bryant

    Best Player in the NBA right now. hands down. He even has a tight rap about him by Lil Wayne. Furthermore, If you say Lebron James is up there with Kobe ever in this thread, i will kill you. I might make D Wade an exception though.
  20. when you say that i have to touch myself inappropriately in public, which body part are you talking about?
  21. the lack of activities to do in Oklahoma. I just got back from Korea 4 days ago and never realized this until today, but Oklahoma is truly one of the worst states to be living in. Sorry to all you right-winged Conservative Republican Oklahoma lovers*, but Oklahoma truly does suck. Actually the true purpose of this thread is, like the state of Oklahoma, The Oklahoma debaters have been very sedentary in the activity of posting in this forum. So i just wanted to know how everyone was doing... (And Yes, I have been officially brainwashed from the great Kim Jung Il.) *Just a general assumption to be made into a joke. i promise it's all a joke.
  22. I Just Neg Repped myself.
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