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    Tired of all of the country counterplans that are so annyoing to block? Well, if your plan would require the other nation to give money directly to the USFG, this is the block for you. It is short, but simple and easy to defend, not to mention being successful 3 out of 3 times so far. Also included is a short, simple DA to help defend against Japan counterplans. This is just what you need to concentrate on other, more important, things in the debate round. This block can also be used in any year of debate as it is not specific to alternative energy.

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  2. Version

    Table of Contents A counterplan and three related DA's that relate the success and failure of the Big Three in the Auto Industry to the overall health of the American economy. Probable answers are included for both the CP and DA's. A small amount of on-case arguments are tacked on also, with a helpful topicality argument to help form a complete 1NC.

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  3. Version

    Table of Contents Simple enough for a novice to understand, yet deep enough for varsity debate, this includes affirmative answers to all of the procedurals that you are likely to see, and they are written to work for any case. Take care of A, E, F, O spec, along with X T, FX T, and other arguments. The abuse stopper contains abuse arguments that an affirmative team is likely to see like New in the 2. This includes 24 blocks and arguments total with a quick reference explanation of procedural arguments in case you freeze mid-round. All blocks/arguments are ready to read as is, there is no need to piece anything together during your prep time. These can also be used any year as written and can be passed down from one year to another.

    3.00 USD

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