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  1. the part where you imply that impoverished americans may gamble enough to destabilize an economy to the point of nuclear war...
  2. maybe...but syllabus/ciriculum changes and most funding is on the state and even more local level - federal action rarely creates dramatic change (other than things like implementing standardized testing, some funding, etc.) CP will always have better solvency by itself
  3. not the same study - this one found that the subjects could remember painful events and shaped their behavior around it
  4. there will always be things to consult
  5. knowledge fail - to early to presume that thats the only study out there http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/03/27/crabs.memorypain/index.html?imw=Y&iref=mpstoryemail make what you will out of it
  6. the very obvious: camp files
  7. false. cuban government spends a tiny fraction of what we pay, as a country, per person for our health services. sure, Sicko had the classic michael moore agenda, the fact is that preventative, universal healthcare is cheaper and more effective.
  8. ...thats not how the wipeout da works
  9. little literature, k prone, any answer to local/states cp?
  10. wipeout - its pretty straightforward and winnable
  11. so what if cuban doctors helped people? that doesnt make them substantially better than US trained doctors - the real edge cuba has in healthcare is that it has (if im not mistaken) universal healthcare, less bougies to run up the profit, and a lot more preventative healthcare (i.e. people can "afford" to get normal checkups - to spot problems before they get worse)
  12. im curious, what was their 2ac answer on t?
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