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  1. I've done one that says that the USFG should fund algae biodiesel research, development and production. Now, I'm sorta stuck on what to do. Any ideas?

  2. yeah what bills are you writing

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm doing well. Not much exciting happening, I'm writing Legislative Bills right now. Are you guys on Mid-Winter Break right now too?

  4. Hey, hope you're feeling better now. :) Tournament was fun, our varsity team picked up in Division 2. So, how are you??

  5. Hey, sorry I wasn't online last night. I will be at Varsity States after school on Friday and Saturday. Are you going?

  6. Hey. I'm doing pretty good. How are you? I will not be at EK. Missed you at Novice States. We broke to qtrs and dropped to HH Dow, who won the tourney.

  7. Hey, missed you at novice state finals. We broke to quarters and dropped to HH Dow, who won the tourney. Congrats to you guys for a great final round. :)

  8. Do you have any new extenstions or any 2AC stuff? I really kind of need ithe 1AC ASAP. We were kinda hoping to have it for this weekend, but I don't think that will work out. Can you let me know the new plan text berfore this weekend? And are there any new advantages, like oil dependence? If not I think we should add one.


    Talk to you soon.

  9. Hey. I'm fine. U? We aren't going to Mona Shores at all. This weekend we are going to Wayne State and the next weekend we are going to Dexter. Do you have the updated copy of the 1AC or whatever Phil gave you? Talk to you soon.

  10. Hey, can't wait to see you at Okemos!! What other tournaments are you going to?

  11. Sarah... I'm sticky, Saaaaaarrrrrrrrraaaaaaahhhhhhhh


    Seriously though, it's over 90 degrees here and like 80% humidy

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