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  1. Alright Im REALLY Sorry I didn't post you earlier, I actually forgot I wrote this thread but what do you want??

  2. couldnt agree more, you and lewis did a great job as well congrats to all the debaters, mike and lauren especially, i said this to you once and i meant it, i watched all 3 of your out rounds and no matter how screwed i THOUGHT you were, you never were...lauren especially you had some amazing 0 prep 2ar's, mike, your 1ar is devastating once again, congratulations
  3. Pembroke is bringing the following a. Most likely PH Bolman/Sharp (lewis) b. Most likely PH Sharp (will)/ Hodgman c. Most likely PH Alpert/myself (shaiken) as for what we are running, we are deciding that today (thursday) and i am home sick so i have no idea...sorry
  4. Quarters rounds ballot counts for PH PH A/S d. Nixa B (2,1) Fort A d. PH H/S (3,0)
  5. What if you've never played...like ever... ive always been interested but i have been unable to find a place to start...would this be good? EDIT- Or rather karlyn, since you seem to be one of the most experienced, where would u recommend starting?
  6. ALSO Karl and Synergy...Idk if these are in there but here are 2 cards that link to every k and are pretty good The K’s denial of social reality makes the NEG complicity with the worst atrocities in human history. MacKinnon 2000 (Catharine, Symposium On Unfinished Feminist Business: Points Against Postmodernism, Chicago-Kent Law Review, Prof of Law at Univ of Mich and Prof of Law at Univ of Chicago, lexis) It is the denial of their social reality that is complicated and raises difficult philosophical questions. Understand that the denial of the reality of such events has been a philosophical position about reality itself. Unless and until effectively challenged, only what power wants to see as real is granted reality status. Reality is a social status. Power's reality does not have to establish itself as real in order to exist, because it has the status as real that power gives it; only the reality of the powerless has to establish itself as real. Power can also establish unreality--like the harmlessness of pornography or smoking--as reality. That doesn't make it harmless. But until power is effectively challenged on these lies, and they are lies, only those harmed (and those harming them, who have every incentive to conceal) have access to knowing that that is what they are. So it has taken us all this time, and a movement that has challenged male power, to figure out that women's reality is also a philosophical position: that women's reality exists, including women's denied violation, therefore social reality exists separate from its constitution by male power or its validation by male knowledge. This analysis raises some questions about postmodernism that [*706] are not simply a report on my current mental state. They are: Can postmodernism stop the rape of children when everyone has their story, and everyone is presumably exercising sexual agency all the time? Can postmodernism identify fascism if power only exists in microcenters and never in systematic, fixed, and determinate hierarchical arrangements? How can you oppose something that is always only in play? How do you organize against something that isn't even really there except when you are thinking about it? Can postmodernism hold the perpetrators of genocide accountable? If the subject is dead, and we are dealing with deeds without doers, 47 how do we hold perpetrators accountable for what they perpetrate? Can the Serbian cultural defense for the extermination of Croats, Bosnian Muslims, and Kosovar Albanians be far behind? If we can have a multicultural defense for the current genocide, because that's how the Serbs see it, why not a German cultural defense for the earlier one? Anti-Semitism was part of German culture. Finally, for another old question, if you only exist in opposition, if you are only full in opposition to the modern, 48 it has determined you. Don't you need an account of how you are not merely reiterating your determinations? From postmodernists, one is not yet forthcoming. The postmodernist reality corrosion, thus, not only makes it incoherent and useless--the pragmatists' valid criticism 49 --but also regressive, disempowering, and collaborationist. Attempts to enact liberatory pedagogies fail and worsen racism, sexism, and banking education. Ellsworth 1994, Elizabeth ‘Why doesn’t this feel empowering? Working through the repressive myths of critical pedagogy’ the education feminism Reader ed. By Lynda store I want to argue, on the basis of my interpretation of C&I 607, that key assumptions, goals, and pedagogical practices fundamental to the literature on critical pedagogy – namely, “empowerment,” “student voice,” “dialogue,” and even the term “critical” – are repressive myths that perpetuate relations of domination. By this I mean that when participants in our class attempted to put into practice prescriptions offered in the literature concerning empowerment, student voice, and dialogue, we produced results that were not only unhelpful, but actually exacerbated the very conditions we were trying to work against, including Euro centrism, racism, sexism, classism, and “banking education.” To the extent that our efforts to put discourses of critical pedagogy into practice led us to reproduce relations of domination in our classroom, these discourses were “working through” us in repressive ways, and had themselves become vehicles of repression. To the extent that we disengaged ourselves from those aspects and moved in another direction, we “worked through” and out of the literature’s highly abstract language (“myths’) of who we “should” be and what “should” be happening in our classroom; we moved into classroom practices that were context-specific and seemed to be much more responsive to our own understandings of our social identities and situations.
  7. ALSO, you can win all the claims in the world but until you prove that it is a reason to not pass the plan and that the potential disadvantages far outweigh the advantages (this is where i agree with karl in that your analysis is SOO important) you will lose every single round. The aff impacts are inevitable in a world where the plan is not passed. Show why your impacts... 1- outweigh but also 2- turn his impacts.... I.E. Say you read econ (only in missouri lol) and your impact is mead or beardon or whatever...Say he reads dependency. Make knowledgable analytics as to why the impacts of econ will in the long run turn dependence. This is where i saw you struggling. You obviously have mastered the WYSIG (or w.e) function of CX because the only thing i saw was you reading and then later quoting other people's arguments. MAKE YOUR OWN So on econ and dependency say something like... When the economy declines, even a little, hell we'll grant them that we do not necessarily access beardon...but when the economy declines, it is obvious that people will lose money, they will have little money to waste. In a world where 100% of people's money is being spent on necessities, NO federal incentives, be them for hemp or hydrogen will last. This implies flodding the market for cheap fuel. Supply and demand shows us that price decreases when demand does so for that short time when we are off of oil, the price will hit rock bottom. When families run out of money and cannot afford hydrogen cars and our GVT cant maintain the increased defecit and the deterred confidence, we will switch back to oil which in turn gives us not only 100% access to beardon, but 100% access to their dependence impact card. To put this in perspective, the US is akin to a man addicted to heroin (oil=our heroin) we go to rehab and are fairly successful for the first week or two. Our dealer, out of money and business, shows up desperate to sell his drugs...We are clean but how can we resist this much heroin for this little...obviously we buy all they have but this only perpetuates the vicious circle of addiction. Infact, not only are the impacts of dependence terminal, they are accelerated with plan.... Do that kind of stuff in your analysis... P.S. Judges, feel free to correct anything that you dont agree with or that is just flat out wrong...
  8. Great idea! i would say he should if i didnt think he would be so busy rebanding uchicago's policy team...I think thats a great plan b though
  9. me as well please, i got the GBS impact file if you think that would help...its from 07-08
  10. I want in on this pool ill take 30 EDIT- This could be big...mods, can we make this a new thread in misc?? or i guess it would sort of fit in sports...
  11. lol did you read it? we solve warming because people/cannons displace the hot water...its essentially human otec Seriously looked all over their website...nothing useful, can we make this thread open, i'll post the entirety of the file and we can openly add cards EDIT- whoever just repped me saying they were going to run this...by all means run it...i sure as hell won't...
  12. finished cutting this, its somewhat funny so i thought i would post it... http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jyldzzzzmjl
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