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  1. I was wondering if someone had a list of VA debate tournaments? I am in the Roanoke area.
  2. Stangray

    New Blog

    Hey, My name is John. I was a policy debater Kansas for all four years of high school. I attended NFL nationals in FX. I graduated in 2009. Now I am at Roanoke College in Virginia majoring in international relations. Although I didn't do debate in college, I still judge (forensics so far). Anyway, I started a blog in January that is focused on current events. If you are interested please check it out. It's called Power Walk. I posted the URL below. Thanks, John Blog link: http://wwwstangblog.blogspot.com/
  3. Normally, I try to stay above the fray and do not respond to these types of threads, but after graduating from high school and now out of the Kansas system, I might be inclined to say a few words. My first point is that I think everyone in this forum has made a valid point depending on their school of thought or their region. There are several points that I agree with in Kennedy's post about sometimes it can be hard for traditional coaches to want to adapt or to let their kids go to different style of tournaments. I also know from experience that, especially in my region, it can be very hard to run the kritiks and counterplans that I wanted to because of lay judges. I went to JDI for the last 2 years and I can tell you that sometimes I found it frustrating that some of the stuff I couldn't run because of difficulties in the judging pool, but I also have to say that sometimes it is just mere traveling issues. My school was on a very tight budget and sometimes we could not go to east Kansas to where many of the champ/DCI tournaments were. Spending the night was something that we did rarely. Now, I am not blaming my coach for that at all. Mrs. Watson was an excellent coach and I will never forget the things she taught me. What I am trying to say is that sometimes it is budgetary difficulties and sometimes students not looking at it from the coaches perspective. We all want the community to change and become TOC or national circuit style, but sometimes we are all stuck with what we have. Another thing that I would like to point out is that it seems every year someone posts that same type of message about changing Kansas debate in some way. I know that 2 years ago the Hutch boys had many of the same complaints. Like someone in this forum said, maybe people should actually do something about it, instead of just complaining about it on crossx. I'm not sure that coaches particulary like it when kids get on and complain about Kansas debate, sometimes saying things that they regret and bashing other coaches in the process. I'm not saying this forum will be that way, but in the past that is what these arguments turn into. Finally, as far as solutions I think that if fundamental changes will be made in the way that people want them to happen then people simply need to take action. Complaining on crossx will get you nowhere, but talking to your coach in a constructive way might. Sometimes people don't like counterplans and kritiks because they really don't understand them. Maybe discuss with your coach one afternoon about what their views are about them, you might be pleasantly surprised to think that maybe that inherit bias has some merit. Now you can never change judges thoughts completely on these topics, you will always have bias judges (even in the "objective" college debate judging world). The final thing that people out of high school can do is judge. People would think that this is a given, but many times high school students complain about high school judging and then don't want to judge when they reach college if they don't do debate. It always seems that they are sooo "busy" that they can't judge. This is really kind of ridiculous. There is an old argument in religious circles that you can make time for God for those who think that they are too busy. In a similar way you can make time for debate and to judge. Now, I won't be living in Kansas, but when I am in VA I plan to judge in my area, in debate and forensics because I feel that I owe something to activity. A former college forensics student once told me "teach the activity something, since it has taught you so much." One final thought, then I swear I will end this lengthy post is that Great Bend High School squad numbers were down from past years. I was the only senior and my partner was a novice, he will be a second year leading the team next year. Are other programs losing numbers, I once heard that WaRu had to cap their debate team, but I know that other squads are down. I know that this deviates from the thread a little, but I think that maybe it is an issue worth discussing if not here but somewhere else. I would hate to see debate and forensics programs die because of all the wonderful things that they taught us! That is my $0.02 as it were.
  4. Stangray

    NFL Nats updates

    Oh, I almost forgot to report that Lyons got a person into expository finals, although I am not sure about the name. Good job West Kansas!
  5. Stangray

    NFL Nats updates

    I made it to semis in impromptu! Congrats to all who competed at nationals and good luck to Luke in Finals for FX!
  6. I'm interested in judging in Virginia as well. I'll be in the Salem/Roanoke area, so if any school needs judges or can tell me about the area, I would greatly appreciate it. I know I posted in another thread, but I just thought I would ask again.
  7. Stangray

    NFL Nats updates

    I broke in quarters in FX and dropped in semis. I'm from Great Bend and belong to the west Kansas district. I also know that Sean Bender from Salina Sacred Heart Broke to octos in FX as well. I also heard that Sterling had someone in DI make it to quarters (although I don't know who it is, maybe someone to fill that part in), but I'm not sure about semis. Luke Brinker did make to semis in FX. I hope he does well, he is very good! I'm also a senior and it has been a great four years. Good luck to everyone in Kansas who is still in the tournament, especially any west Kansas people!
  8. I'll judge. My paradigms are in the paradigms thread. Basically, I'll vote on anything, but you have to give me a reason to vote there. You can run what you want argument wise, as long as I understand it and you explain it (especially if you run a K) that I am not a familiar with. Video speeches would be cool!
  9. My name is John Stang and I am originally from Kansas (Great Bend High School in Great Bend, KS more specifically). Anyway, I will be attending Roanoke College in Salem, VA next year and if anyone needs a policy debate judge or a forensics judge just send me a message. I really don't know the area that well. If you want a more specific background about me, I did policy debate and forensics for 4 years at Great Bend High School. I debated all types of styles and attended the University of Kansas Debate Camp my junior and senior years. As a debate judge, I am pretty much open to whatever type of debate you want to engage in as long as I understand the argument. Speed, Counterplans, and Kritiks don't bother me at all. I'm also fine with more traditional DA's and Case arguments. As far as forensics, I competed in original oration and FX and will be going to NFL nationals in FX this year. I will judge any events though. I'll even judge public forum and LD even though I didn't do it in high school, I would be willing to jump in. If someone could also kind of tell me some schools I could contact to judge or a schedule for tournaments in this area (Roanoke/Salem area), or even tell me about the VA judging area, I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions for me just pm me or email me at chesshawker@cox.net. Thanks, John
  10. Thanks for making this thread. I was wondering if someone could post all qualifiers in other events as well. I know that there were changes, so I'm not sure who has the must updated list. Although I know debate and FX are right.
  11. I just want to echo Trent's statement that JDI is a very well run camp. Trent was in my lab and can attest that even though we really didn't do quite as much research, we focused mostly on skills in debate. After this summer I became a much better theory debater and learned how to debate kritikal affs a lot better. I also went the year before and had Ozzy as my lab leader which I gained quite a bit of knowledge about soft power and other generic advantages that I was able to use on the Africa topic. While my season didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted this year, I can say taht JDI was a great experience and helped me immensely during my last two years of debate. Not to mention all the national qualifiers and top state finishers that have come out of JDI, as mentioned before.
  12. I have some Genocide Impacts along with some demo promo stuff that can be sweet if ran together. I never got to really use it though. Fair warning that I didn't cut the files, but the people who did cut them organized them and put them together very well. My policy season is also done, but I'm working on building a backfile system for our team, so you can trade me whatever. Just pm me or email me: chesshawker@cox.net. Thanks, John
  13. Name: John Stang High School: Great Bend High School College: Roanoke College Major: International Relations, maybe with a double major in sociology with a minor in philosophy Debate: No, I'm going to do some research work on Africa instead. I get to work on a project, specifically, analyzing oil development, with Nigeria as a case study, about how it impacts the political and economic climate in the region. So, I'll get to use my debate skills in other ways.
  14. I'll judge. My paradigm is in the paradigms thread if you want more specific information. Basically, I'm a tab judge who defaults policymaker if no one tells me how and where to vote. I'll listen to any argument. K's are fine, but please give me short explanation because I'm not an expert on all the K lit out there. Please do MPX Calc and overviews and underviews are greatly appreciated!
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