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  1. Except several of these actually, you know, matter... Edit: that sounds a lot more dick-ish than I wanted it to. I just mean that we're seeing actual change here, unlike Paris '68, which ended up being just a bunch of proletariat penis waving.
  2. Will never compete with the original (these guys): Mostly because if you don't watch the video, they're actually tolerable.
  3. Start with a couple of impact turns. Read Appadurai for sure. Also probably the Gupta and Ferguson evidence (look for camp files called "Identity K" or something like that). Maybe speaking for others. After that, perm. The argument is also the worst kind of essentialism in its most basic premise, which is probably a bad thing. And,a lot of people disagree with the notion that "indigenous" Americans are really indigenous, and those people tend to believe that the real genocide went the other direction (there is some decent anthropological evidence that suggests that European peoples were here first but were wiped out by the American Indian peoples once they arrived). This is really just another impact turn, but I didn't include with those other ones because it's not nearly as true, it's a big risk in reading, and it's a lot harder for them to respond to. Indicting Mr. Churchill as an author is probably a waste of time. Having run a number of natives cases over two years in high school and having debated against this argument several times, this is my best advice. Take it with a grain of salt; afterall it's just my $.02. If your coaches/varsity debaters disagree, they're probably way smarter than me anyway.
  4. Was on my way over to post this. What does this mean for our Mid-east military engagements? Foreign policy more broadly?
  5. So cross-x is pretty snazzy looking now, and it seems like the new owners are basically envisioning the site as a Facebook-style community for debaters. Cool. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no interest in any of the new features, and they've come at the cost of making it generally harder for me to do the things I come here to do (namely read posts and participate in discussions). Also, I've already developed mad nostalgia for the old format. In short, I am disappoint.
  6. That's formal expatriation. You can also lose it via informal expatriation which just means applying for citizenship in any other nation. You can also lose your citizenship if convicted of treason. Naturalized citizens (obviously doesn't apply to Mr. Obama) can also have it taken away if they join a political group dedicated to overthrowing the USFG, join the military or hold a policy position in their native state, or refuse to appear in front of a congressional tribunal. (I took government last semester ) Edit: this post is now worthless as Ian knowledge-pwned it while I was typing...
  7. You guys are cheating so I will too. Animated: Up Fern Gully Wall-E Spanish Top 5: Atame Volver Pan's Labyrinth (not sure if this counts since I saw it in English first) Maria, llena eres de gracia La mala educacion
  8. Pulp Fiction Fight Club The Shawshank Redemption Good Will Hunting The Fighter
  9. Gordon Black


    I think people are a little too quick to turn to D and G because this a debate forum. There are a lot of other valid criticisms of Freud that are way more accessable and easy to articulate. If you've got a beef with the way he models drives (one of the main things D and G do), you can check out Melanie Klein and people that followed her. There are also a ton of people who criticize Freud's basic id-ego-superego model (generally they say he overemphasizes the importance of the id, understates the roll of the ego, or is just generally talking bullshit). Check out Sartre or Harry Stack Sullivan for some of this. And, Freud is just generally bad science. It's a developmental model, but he never studied children. It's applied universally, but he never considered that male and female behavior might be different in some fundamental ways. Probably just as importantly, he studied like 90 middle class women in a Victorian world and based his psychosexual stages and id-ego-superego model off of that. Not the broadest sample size. Lots of people talk about how that model doesn't apply to people from pretty much any other culture ever. Also, psychoanalyisis fails the most basic test of science, insofar as it isn't predictive of future behavior [Freud thought he explained how childhood development impacted behavior in his subjects up to the point that he met them, but he failed to ever accurately predict how his patients would act in the future]. Finally, an important thing to remember, is that because psychoanalytic concepts (both from Freud and the other authors you mentioned) are generally vague and not operationally defined, almost none of the theories can be evaluated scientifically. At the point when their central hypotheses can never actually be disproved (how exactly can we objectively study drives, libido, and the structure of personality?) debating the merits of them tends to devolve into a lot of pointless penis waving...Just a heads up on that. tl;dr - you don't need to jump to D and G just because the cool kids do. and psychodynamic theory is bullshit.
  10. Gordon Black

    League of Legends

    I play the free characters when I get really bored. Generally like to mess around with tricky tank builds.
  11. Wait. You're reading this ironically, right?
  12. Gordon Black

    Portal 2

    Eh. I loved Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 for like a month at a time [also Dragon Age], but I was never able to log the kind of hours in those that I did in KoTR and KoTR 2. Something about the Star Wars universe just sucks me in. Think I did about seven play-throughs on KoTR 2 back on the regular xbox... Edit: Incidentally, we have the exact same join date. June 10, 2008. That can't be right...
  13. There are going to be a hell of a lot of teams "exploring the debate space," "making debate a safe-space," and stuff like that. By a "hell of a lot," I mean at least one. Probably.
  14. I plan on playing as a Twi'lek smuggler for my Galactic Empire character and as a sith inquisitor for the other guys. When this drops we should get some dudes together and do a cross-x flashpoint or something...
  15. Gordon Black

    Portal 2

    The first game was absolutely awesome, but ended up being a one afternoon deal for me and a couple of my buddies. If someone can confirm that this one has enough content to warrant a buy rather than a rent, I'd be all over it. Incidentally, anyone else stoked for this: http://www.swtor.com/ ?
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