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  1. Yup, I come to Cross-X for intellectual stimulation. But also, y'know, "You're ruining my fun" is pointless privileged blather in the face of meaningful critiques of debate praxis and its role in marginalizing non-white, non-male bodies.
  2. You have made an argument against every change in debate praxis over the last 70 years. Congratulations, the debate you like never happens. Privilege.
  3. No. It seems pretty clear that folks would be happy with a debate community that wasn't quite so racist.
  4. To borrow from Hitchens--I get the terrible feeling that you haven't read any of the arguments against you.
  5. BRB, scanning mutual friends to see which one of you did this.
  6. Uniqueness is just so fucked right now. Also, FWIW, my boss and I were talking about this today: wouldn't be shocked if Obama floats a deal that will give minor spending cuts across the board, a 6 month ACA delay, and an immediate raise on the debt ceiling as part of a CR package. Debt Ceiling may not even be a thing the next time you travel.
  7. Mister Sulu


    Did it work? OR "I don't mean bitches in a disrespectful way. I mean it as a general term for women."-Riley Freeman
  8. Mister Sulu


    Office. Sup with you heterogeneous force-field?
  9. Yeah. Park Hill debates in Heart of America NFL district, and MSHSAA District 3. I don't know much about the schedule. Since Grant and Spencer graduated, the coaches are the only folks currently associated with the team that I still know at all.
  10. I found it ironic that a book was word heavy given one of Lacan's central tenants was the failure of symbolizaion...
  11. Everyone always thinks debate is dying all the time. It turns out that we have, like, an endless supply of first-year high school students.
  12. Mister Sulu

    Dci Reform

    They are elected by God.
  13. Yup, "racism good" is a great way to encourage broad inclusion and participation.
  14. Mister Sulu

    Dci Reform

    PlustTab 2.3 is freeware, and runs with MPJ capability out of the box.
  15. Seriously. It's pretty easy to defend the bombing of Hiroshima in the context of the alternatives being floated at the time.
  16. Well now it's the caring about "downvotes".
  17. The first link turn was an impact turn. The second link turn wasn't accompanied by any uniqueness arguments, you have read defense. Good day.
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