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  1. no i remember it clearly.. they won because of the fact that their coaches write their speeches, and they had a panel that consisted of hammil, some d-bag that was their coaches roommmate, and harens. so they went on a fluke
  2. you never got past novice a so you shouldnt be talking
  3. who are you to talk? hoping to put a nail into the coffin in this thread, that goes against your personal philosophy of being a pacifist and not killing anything
  4. you debate in wyoming... what the fuck do you know?
  5. politix.da

    Your theme song

    wow, you are the funniest guy on the forum for sure... please, PLEASE keep up your antics. oh, and you suck at debate
  6. ah, the idiot in you returns... thanks you fucking dumb ass, read all of the thread before you say anything, then think, then maybe type, only if its appropriate to the topic at hand. its really simple... im afraid that you are the future of our country, we have another W. on our hands here, just reacts to the little details without getting a real perspective on whats happening, thanks for your amazing input, stick with what you know, which means you dont talk. because you know nothing
  7. no fuckin way? schnabal a dbag? who'd of guessed it
  9. finally you come to this realization you fuckstick. (also, you need to get a fucking girlfriend, and not fucking blow at debate)
  10. and brandon the fucking idiot in our forum
  11. so do you... in getting to be good at debate, finding a girlfriend thats not ugly (if you even have one), and maybe even not being a dickface
  12. sorry... none of the restaurants on campus allow people who 1. suck at debate, 2. act like they have an imaginary girlfriend on cross-x.com, and 3. d-bags with amazingly bad theory arguments on fiat
  13. abuse-- politix giving you credit enough to have a girlfriend
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