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  1. "fucker" is a negative term referring to the one doing the fucking, which invalidates the idea that "fuck" is unidirectional masculine slander.
  2. I'm in the Varsity 4 week program, and I'd like to know if we are going to get any printed files, since the information seems to indicate that they will only be electronic. Will we have to pay to print files, and if so how much? thanks for any input.
  3. is there anyone in either of these two rounds atm? If so, what speech are they on, and what's going down?
  4. I went to UTNIF marathon last year. The emphasis on practice debates definitely helped me improve, and the lectures/ lab leaders were good. Just make sure that you sign up for stuff that isn't too far over your head.
  5. WBTA

    USC Thread

    How did the Bellarmine RV and GBN OS round go down? We must have results by now. Edit: my bad, I was thinking quarters results. When were Sems posted?
  6. I have an acer aspire 3500.
  7. I'm going to debate camp in a week or so, and I plan on bringing my laptop. The problem is, its relatively old (3 years), and the battery is complete crap. It lasts 20 minutes, max. Anyways, my question is whether I need a new battery, or will there generally be a socket that I can use to charge it.
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