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  1. Where can i get the Scott Harris QPQ file?
  2. I am looking for a Quid Pro Quo T file with blocks, willing to trade pm me if you want more info
  3. Im looking for some cards that say that the timeframe for warming is 2010 or something like that, i recall seeing them on the wiki but it appears that they have either been deleted or im not very good at searching thanks
  4. does anyone have the CNDI version of this affirmative that is readable, or someone from either mich or CNDI, put up a PDF of the book Thanks
  5. Can anyone explain the premise of this affirmative, and explain what the plan text would look like?
  6. im looking for a very comprehensive Econ impact toolbox and EU relations impact files even if you could just direct me in the right campfile/year that would help thanks
  7. thats what i need is a generic version im writing my own i need this to get a starting spot
  8. im looking for a really comprehensive homecut kritikal framework file pm me for trade
  9. does anybody have some evidence that says fiat is fake, pm me if you want anything for it
  10. I need specific help with the fact that heidegger was a nazi, what kinds of arguments should i cut/make against his participation in National Socialism?
  11. is anybody gonna actually help me with my framework?
  12. Thanks -JD for that explaination but my what i really need help with is actually structuring the K step by step what should i do and how should it go down thanks
  13. Im plan on goin hardcore Heidegger next year, i need some help writing a framework for the K, can any of you K hacks hook me up with some help?
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