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  1. I really want to know who(m) is enforcing such a policy.
  2. Congress quals were... disappointing. Only house A went as expected... Senate and the other 3 houses all had what I'd call rather unexpected breaks
  3. We have a bunch of random small ones, too... it's just sort of whatever the fuck is in our bins. We've just trended over in the direction above since conference, K-wise. Bring that shit
  4. Belton is sending 4 teams: Robinson/Dalton: Wind Egal, China R&D McCormick/Pritchett: Solar Nano, China R&D Cole/Pearce: Smart Metering, Katrina, China R&D Fyffe/Brumfield: Algae w/ Mil & Crit Food versions Team Neg Ks: Securitization, Terror Talk, Heidigger, and a whole lotta Cap We'll trade 1AC, NC cites on request.
  5. Perm: Do the exact opposite. Solvency: It's far cooler to have discussion about an aff in a separate topic than cluttering up a tournament thread. ... Oh, here, lemme read you a bunch of bullshit Zizek cards too.
  6. 1NC Roadmap: 8 minutes of K First tagline: "The restriction of posting rights is censorship and uniquely destroys the discursive space in which we may objectively evaluate the implications of society's hegemonic coordinates."
  7. I'm not exactly "in" on the Tommy vs The World drama, but I've got to wonder what all this shit is doing in a thread giving props to Pem Hill and Greenwood (Props to both from Belton, by the way). Was it just because Keegan came into the thread?
  8. G Cole


    Springfield Central also closed out Open Sems. Excellent round w/ 9B, though.
  9. Oncase or specific DAs, I have a lot to trade for. PM me.
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