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  1. Feels like this thread starts earlier every year
  2. Way I see it, teams should post their shit on the wiki. But if they don't, keeping the the wiki open and allowing those teams to still benefit from it will still result in more educational rounds. Yeah it's probably unfair, but if a team has prior access to your aff, you'll (hopefully) have more clash in-round, even if your team had no prior access to their strategy. Your team may be more likely to drop a ballot, but I'd think they'd get more out of the round as compared to a round where both teams go in with no prior knowledge. tl;dr: both teams disclosing on the wiki > one team disclosing on the wiki > neither team disclosing on the wiki
  3. It's Engrish for "Yeah yeah."
  4. Anyone taking teams to Novie Nats? We've got the Wonder-Twins and Harold & Kumar going.
  5. Double-checked our entry: everything looks fine. Also, could you try to post your molepeople stuff as soon as possible, so I don't have to write answers to it at the last minute?
  6. not a slip. very deliberate. Royers knows.
  7. Screenshot provided = did happen. Congrats!
  8. Millard West is going to Kearney
  9. Congrats to Connor & Snelly for generally kicking ass at Westside! Also congratulations to the Wondertwins/Harold & Kumar for closing out novice finals.
  10. Well OPS just closed for tomorrow. What's the status of Millard North supposing MPS cancels school as well?
  11. We'll be at Millard North along with the Mutants and Wondertwins.
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