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  1. Congratulations to the St. Francis squad for their great team weekend- 3 breaks in policy and success in the other divisions of the tournament.
  2. http://commweb.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/webhs/ViewEntries.aspx?ID=5
  3. w/o_mat_quals


    Are the cites for these the same stuff that's on the wiki for WM against Gulliver? Also, what was the 2NR answer to "neoliberalism makes cap unsustainable"
  4. I don't have a JOT login, can someone put that list up anyways? I'm mostly interested in how many out of state people are coming.
  5. you know, he would, if they responded to the FIVE EMAILS we sent. But after the twentieth cite request, this is easier.
  6. Preliminary team list? Who's coming to Vegas?
  7. bump chander ramesh and katrina kaiser from St. Francis
  8. To answer yoiur question (superficially, but I hope accurately)...


    Because prior restraints lead to the most pervasive and deleterious form of tyranny: self-censorship based upon fear.

  9. You get in to scholars? I went last year. Good stuff.

  10. they have been consistently 3-1 at all league tournaments. They won UoP, and obviously did well here. As kozakura says, this speaks a little louder. Part of the area 1 experience is, I think, that there's simply a very large emphasis on communicating with laypersons. Not to stereotype, but there's a difference between just reading your regular circuit affirmative at less wpm (ahem damien) and really structuring an accessible "story". For some, there's a difference between an argument being right, or even good, and it being attractive to vote for. Hopefully, it's all three of these.
  11. Intel time : What affs have people been seeing?
  12. Who's intending on going? What camp are you going to first?
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