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  1. Below is one of the best explanations of what a final rebuttal overview should do: https://judgephilosophies.wikispaces.com/Thomas%2C+James
  2. If you pull up a speech doc and there are no tags, you should hand them back the flashdrive and not let the debate continue until they flash you their speech doc. Lots of needless effort was made to go out of their way to be a jerk. Nah - that's shenanigans that this would be allowed - when people debated on paper, they handed the materials over that they read. This included the tag, and I am assuming that they had a tag to indicate the general vibe of the arg even if the changed it up on the fly. Perhaps if they gave you tags after the speech this would be more kosher? Given that teams woudln't get evidence until after it was read back in olden-times. "LOL, nah - reciprocity, brah" Was there a judge or anyone watching this? Did they look at your practice round opponent to give the impression that your opponent was indeed an asshat?
  3. Ah word, no camp wiki this year?
  4. Cool thanks! Is there a way to access the JDI files?
  5. No. Corporate Average Fuel Econonomy fuel standards.
  6. Hey - the Jayhawk Debate Institute of KU put out a CAFE fuel efficiency standards aff back in 2008 on the Alternative Energy topic - does anyone by chance still have a copy of that floating around or any other CAFE related backfiles they could point me in the right direction of? Thanks
  7. Using the google site search function has always been superior to the cross-x search for me type whatever you want to search for + site:cross-x.com It's wonderful.
  8. ...is there any justifiable defense of this topicality violation? Seems like the neg has significantly better ground if the aff is defending the entire elimination of a certain type surveillance. Thoughts?
  9. EMAIL "debatenationals2015@gmail.com" with the following information: -Team code (should read something like "x123") -School Name -State -Debaters Names To be included on the NSDA Codeshare google doc. LONG: This is a cross-post from Jeffrey Horn on the High School Policy Debate Facebook Group. NOTE: I don't know anything about the doc, I don't even know Jeffrey.... Just cross-posting for maximum reach.
  10. Just make sure you aren't running the Planet Debate scenario... It's pretty not good. Their uniqueness author actually supports the "bandwagoning" thesis of the "winners win" link turn in the same article. ---------------------- Their author agrees with our thesis of winners-win in the context of current politics and Cuba Feldman – December 17th Noah Feldman, December 17, 2014, a Bloomberg View columnist, is a professor of constitutional and international law at Harvard and the author of six books, most recently “Cool War: The Future of Global Competition, Delaware Online, http://www.delawareonline.com/story/opinion/contributors/2014/12/17/obama-gambles-can-defeat-cuba-lobby/20555625/ What Obama must be hoping is that groups with a passing interest in the opening to Cuba will get on the bandwagon just long enough to counterbalance the power of the lobby and get the necessary legislation passed. Big ag will still have a diffuse interest, not a concentrated one – but perhaps the vision of money on the table in the near future will motivate sufficient support. With the end of his presidency in view, Obama has to take risks if he wants to score some legacy points. His gamble on Cuba may not be fully realized. But the results will have implications for the structure of American interest group politics more broadly. Noah Feldman, a Bloomberg View columnist, is a professor of constitutional and international law at Harvard and the author of six books, most recently “Cool War: The Future of Global Competition.” ------------------------------------------------------- Their impact assumes actions that Obama just took on Cuba and there is no distinction made between normalizing relations with Cuba and repealing the embargo, and there's some pretty solid non-uniques to their evidence from 2005 and 2012 about Latin American relations.
  11. Team America answers this best: http://youtu.be/5TEvacFETvM?t=39s
  12. Has anyone had any luck tracking down this NASCA in 2006 article? I've been searching for a while, and thus far had no luck whatsoever.
  13. Consolidated: Idaho West Capital High School Maas-Wurster Eagle High School Regner and Cuneo Massachusetts: Weston - Amanda Chen and Irene Liew Brighton - Richard Davis and Sadiya Gurhan New Mission - Elvis Alvarado and Fatah Adan Missouri Eastern: Jefferson City - Cobb/Craft Parkway West - Gondi/Santangelo (on the wiki) Parkway West - Maitra/Chen Heart of America: Liberty - Flood/Peterson Park Hill - Lamb/Youtsey Park Hill South - Justis/Justis New Jersey: East Side - Daniel Mendes & Chaz Wyche East Side - Sarah De Matos & Natalie DeRosa Nebraska South: Omaha Westside - Peyton Wells & Lia Hagen Millard South - Angel Le & Steven Samson Kansas http://www.cross-x.com/topic/56248-policy-national-qualifiers-2013-2014/ Oklahoma East Charles Page - Will Thompson & Emma Bedokis Jenks - John D'Onofrio & Justin Reinking West Edmond North - Uday Kohli & Matthew Cave Edmond Santa Fe - Austin Leonard & Gabriella Knight Heritage Hall - Blake Crowley & Tyler Caldwell Pennsylvania Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Central Catholic - Zachary Javorsky & William McCarthy McDowell - Reed Karsh & Joe Pinto South Dakota: Northern: Aberdeen Central– Matthew Van Beek and Spencer O'Hara, Watertown - Jackson Shriver and Maggie O'brien, Rushmore: Sioux Falls Roosevelt - Jaedon Kroger and Connor Munsinger Sioux Falls Washington- Kyle McKee and Zachary Person, Vermillion - Phillip Erickson and Seth Miller Texas: East Texas: Crosby - Lance/Blackwood Katy Taylor - Allatar/Li Katy Taylor - Kim/Desai Guld Coast: Three Rivers - Tessa Gregory & Gage Saenz Boling - Spencer Gutierrez & Cynthia Kulak Space City Memorial (Houston) - George Chen & Trent McGuinness Memorial (Houston) - Sophie Wilczynski & Monica Day Tall Cotton District Abernathy- Logan Kelley and Alex Vick Gail Borden County - Mollie McMeans and Zach McMeans UIL NFL District Athen - Estep/Green Athens - McDonald/Mikkelsen Lindale - Wolter/Gustafson Yellow Rose District: Midway - Bell/Hall Mildred - Dulworth/Stone
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